080810 Big Bang Comeback Performance- “Stand Up”, “Haru Haru”, “Oh My Friend” ♥


Video Links~

Stand Up-Intro

Haru Haru

Oh My Friend

Big Bang did SUCH an AMAZING job with their comeback performance <3333 I’ll be back to spazz later ^^ and honestly, I don’t think G-Dragon‘s hair is that bad, I mean, they are trying to go for a more masculine look, and the hair fits. Daesung’s voice just makes me melt, that guy can sing so well @_@ I LOVE THEIR OUTFITS!!!!

Credit: as tagged + DolceVita.BigRoom@BBVIPZ +소녀토리.BigRoom@BBVIPZ + BigBangKorean + Soompi



  1. JULIE lor said

    hey i love your song “haru haru”
    i love it
    i a freake of big bang!!

    i love choi seung hyun!!

  2. choco-late said

    Oh! The live performances is AMAZING!!!
    As for GD’s hair not sure if I really like it or dislike it but at least it’s something different.

  3. lovemelodies said

    I have to admit, I wasn’t much into Big Bang before, but their lives are so awesome @_@ they sound almost exactly the same as they would have been in the CD or studio ❤ and yes, i know what you mean by GD’s hair XD New haircuts are always scary, especially on idols ^^

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