080807 Hangeng- Olympic Torch Bearer ♥♥♥


Video Clip: Hangeng- Olympic Torch Bearer Relay <333

Hangeng- Beijing Torch Bearer Interview~


Interviewer: Could you tell us a little about your feelings toward this event today?

Hangeng: Today, I have been feeling very excited. At first, when I was still in the car, I didn’t feel that excited, but when I got there and lit up the torch (from the previous runner), all the emotions came rushing in, and I felt very proud, excited and happy. Also, from this event, I hope to spread our Chinese culture and heritage to others worldwide, so that they can understand more about China.

Interviewer: I’m very curious, what would you say to your Super Junior (SJ-M) members about this Torch Carrying Event?

Hangeng: Yes, I’ll be calling them very shortly, telling them about my experience and feelings, in hopes of having them also experience + share my excitement and happiness as well.

Interviewer: Would you be willing to use our channel (Sohu) to spread a message of hope for the 2008 Olympics?

Hangeng: Of course. I hope that 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be a great success. I also give my best wishes to the athletes, may they work their hardest and achieve their best goals. Through their hard works they’ll definitely present China’s strength and splendidness!

Interviewer: Thank you

Hangeng: Thank you

Translated by me (Star @ sapphirebluelove), please credit and link back if taking out!

KYA!!!!!!!!! FINALLY THE OLYMPICS!!!!! I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this! Hannie my GORGEOUS love, you looks too beautiful in red. Although i was a bit disappointed that he’s not the Mystery Last Torch Bearer, but after seeing him run today, just made my heart FLEW RIGHT THROUGH THE ClOUDS ♥♥♥ He looked so HAPPY while he was running, holding that GORGEOUSLY designed torch!!! He always said that this is like a dream to him, and now FINALLY, the dream CAME TRUE!!!! He must be very proud of himself and his country, China! Let’s all give our cheers to Hannie!!! and Let’s all wish this year’s Olympics will be a tremendous success!!!!

Hangeng FIGHTING! China FIGHTING! Olympics FIGHTING!! ♥♥♥

Pictures~ ♥

GIFs~ ♥
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Hangeng’s Cyworld entry on 8 August 2008

幸福的一刻 最美的笑容~!

A happy moment, the most beautiful smile~!

Today, that moment of passing the fire, is the first time in my life that I feel that smiling is like happiness, like perfect. At that moment, what I saw through my eyes were like deceptive illusions, yet in my heart I clearly enjoyed the excitement and touching moment. This feeling (taste) can’t be described with words. So happy that I want to cry? For a short moment being able to be in touch with the lightning fire, I wasn’t myself. I also don’t know how to describe it. Hoho~~ Till now I’m still intoxicated(?) in that short 10 seconds.

Being able to have today’s feelings, being able to have this opportunity to enjoy the honour of passing the Olympic fire, you all are my biggest support, of course I’m also very thankful to Ao Zu Wei (Olympic group) as well as the Coca Cola company for ensuring me, giving me this divine mission. I’m thankful of SM’s training, furthermore our SJ members, they’re also in Korea following the news enjoying this very short moment of passing the fire together with me. I also want to thank _Xu ge(brother) (= 민욱 kim min wook) for sponsoring the shoes I wore when passing the fire. He said he wanted me to run my life’s most splendid 50 metre. I accomplished it! This was the first time to wear these pair of shoes and it will also be the last time. I will preserve the shoes, clothes, torch and my feelings very well~~! I completed the honoured and glorious mission of passing the Olympic fire. I will continue to bring along your dreams, running forwards/further together with you all forever~~!
I love you all~~!

Translated by Wing @ http://www.mygiftedwings.com/hanchul



  1. Jaycee said

    This is too cute. Thank you so much for posting this! I also LOVE the first gif. xD

    Hangeng gege!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333

    Beijing Olympics, Jia You!

  2. lovemelodies said

    Aren’t those pictures adorable? 😀 You are very welcome ^^ It’s always wonderful to see Hannie so upbeat and happy 🐱 Beijing Olympics jia you!! ❤

  3. lovehanopa said

    very cute ^^ love hangeng forever

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