[MV] ~SJ-H “Pajama Party” ♥

Credit: MusicRandomx @ YouTube

Dawww, how adorable 😀 I swear, this MV just can’t any more cuter and crack-ier XDD The beginning is just hilarious, matches the theme so well ROFL Gorilla, how cute xDDD Do I see Sungmin wearing angel wings? XDDD Why isn’t Teukkie wearing them, isn’t Teukkie the angel? ^^ But the pink snake Sungmin has as a prop is so funny, he’s having SOOO MUCH FUN w/ that snake, why is Sungmin so adorable with everything? ><” 😀 I r very biased… Oh, and those striped shirts make them look like escapees from prison =.= kidding, kidding XD How can prison mates look so cute? 🐱 Shindong’s hair never fails to amuse me, and Yesung’s glasses!!!!! I WANNA STEAL IT! The dances are just as adorable, they’re having so much fun w/ the party and PILLOW FIGHTS!!!!!! Great job on the MV overall, and best wishes for many more successful performances in the future. SJ-H hwaiting~


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