080803 SJ-H ‘Pajama Party’ Performance ♥


Watch it HERE!!



ok, ok, breath… omg XD I started laughing just from seeing that first picture, don’t they just look SO DORKY AND ADORABLE???? I really really approve of the soft, pastel colors, so pretty ♥♥♥♥ I think the pink stuffed animal attached to Sungmin made this performance perfect for me, not to mention that pigtail on Eunhyuk :DDDDD Not to mention their outfits in general, what in the WORLD is Kangin wearing? O.o XD Striped shirt and happy face on T-shirt fits Shindong’s image so well ^o^ and Teukkie looks adorable with that multi-colored shirt XDDDDD I think Yesung is the only one that looks somewhat normal, IN COMPARSION xDDD I luff you all <333333 but it’s just impossible not to make fun of this 😀 Pic-spam for this wonderful first performance, and to make your day brighter, go watch that performance please ^^~

Oh, I have to mention that I feel somewhat bad for the backup dancers ^^; Supy can pull off that cute/dorky/silly look with no problem, because that’s part of their charm and image, but can you imagine the….awkwardness for normal people to wear those things and dance like that and they are male backup dancers XDDDDDD A round of applause for them please 🐱  Oh, and I CAN’T WAIT for the MV now XDD 😀

Credit: sj-market + Soompi + haewonnie@youtube



  1. […] Edit: View the Performance HERE!! […]

  2. cholalola16 said

    i love it sooo much!!
    and that’s not even the video.

  3. rooraa said

    Eunhyuk is completely working that that pigtail!! He looks SO good! And is that a huge white stuffed animal Leetuek has as a satchel? He’s so crazy I just love him so much! ^o^ and what is up with Shindong’s hair?! Looks like an Ahjumma XD
    I can’t wait for tommorrow!! The MV’s going to be crazy awesome =D

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