Vote for Hangeng for the cast of new drama “Fit Lover” (sequal of the 2007 hit drama “Call for Love”)


Thanks to BubblexTea for the heads up!!! =D

Our beloved Hangeng, who will be starring in the upcoming drama “Stage of Youth” is A POSSIBLE CANDIDATE to be one of the 12 male leads for the Mainland China film “Fit Lover”, which is the sequel to the 2007 celebration film “Call for Love”. So far, Hangeng has the HIGHEST VOTES!!!! 37.85%, 8012 votes!!!!!! please do vote for him!!!! How to vote is below =D

Here’s what the article on CCTV International said:

“Call for Love”, is a film about one man and twelve women. It was a sensation at New Year in 2006. Monday, its sequel and opposite, “Fit Lover” was announced. The film, will tell the stories of one woman and twelve men.

“Fit Lover” will be directed by Zhang Yajian, the same director who did “Call for Love”. The screenplay for “Fit Lover” was written by two women, Su Huan and Yi Nengjing.

At the press conference, Monday, five actresses from “Call for Love”, convened again. The conference brought together Yi Nengjing, Ning Jing, Shen Xing, Bai Bing and Jiang Hongbo.

The film starts shooting in August. The lead actress has been cast, but producers are keeping her name secret. The twelve actors, however, will be cast by way of an Internet poll. A-list stars from which film fans must choose, include Hu Jun, Tong Dawei, Wen Zhang and Huang Xiaoming.

Credit: CCTV international

To read the article, click “HERE

You can watch the EXPLANATION VIDEOHERE“, it’s all in ENGLISH!!!!!!
So please please please guys, DO VOTE FOR HANGENG!!!!!
To VOTE, click the following link”

HOW TO VOTE: When you open up the link, there’ll be a lot of guys (obviously). You can see on the left side, is a column of Horoscopes (from Aries – Pisces). Next to each horoscopes is a row of 5 Guys. You have to pick one guy from each horoscope (i.e. each row) Hageng is in the first row to the right, and looking GORGEOUS as usual. *spazz*  Okay, back to the topic, so after you’ve picked the guys (total of 12 xDDDD… ohhh is that Jackie Chen’s son? O.o) , you need to go to the bottom of the page and in the first row (contact info) FILL in your NAME, AGE, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, and ZIP CODE (U.S. zip code works!!!!!) The second row is a survey (How often do you watch a movie?) the choices are : (Often, once a day), (once a month), (sometimes, once a season), and (Rarely). THEN, you click “VOTE”, the LEFT ONE (grey button)!!! A new window will pop up, just type in the NUMBERS you see in the box, and Click the button!!!!!! then you can see all the results so far, HANNIE HAS THE HIGHEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO WOO HOO!!!

NOTE: when you first open up the link, it might NOT BE IN CHINESE, but be in a random language, so just click on “VIEW” then “ENCODING” then chose “CHINESE“, it should change to Chinese. HOWEVER, if you don’t speak chinese, if you follow the directions above, i think you can vote w/o any problem!!!!!




  1. BubblexTea said

    THANK YOU!! can you also please post it in sjm/sj’s thread in soompi too?

  2. lovemelodies said

    @ BubblexTea

    Sure, no problem! =D

  3. rooraa said

    Whoo! I totoally voted for Hangeng!

  4. KHE said

    me too! just voted! 韩庚 in the lead! YEAH! 38.55% of the votes! total of 9033 votes! GO 韩庚! GO HANGENG! GO HANKYUNG! LOL

  5. lovemelodies said

    Thank you!!!! <333

    WOOT!!!! thank you very much for voting and updating us with the news. Hangeng Jia You!!!! 😀

  6. Anh Hangkyung dep zai vo^ do^i”

  7. reii-chan said

    i heard it already closed and hangeng choose as the male lead character!!

  8. hangeng,If you want to contact me,my acc your best.

  9. I miss u,hangeng.try your best.

  10. angel leetuek said

    miss u hangeng………..please comeback in super junior

  11. jessica said

    miss u han geng

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