SJ-H~ Pajama Party Promotion ♥


Edit: View the Performance HERE!!

After many successful promotions and performances of their new single, Cooking? Cooking!, SJ-H will be starting their promotion for the second track from their Single, “Pajama Party”. SJ-H will be performing Pajama Party on Aug. 3rd on Inkigayo and a MV will also be released on August 4th, featuring the boys in pajamas, having fun at a party. This promises to be another super-cute MV ❤ SJ-Happy Hwaiting~

KYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! NEW MV!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY~!!!!! 😀 I love Cooking Cooking very much, and I am a bit sad to hear that they’ll stop with the promotion of that song, but they are going to start performing PAJAMA PARTY! W00T 😀 My second favorite song from their single, I can’t wait to see them sing this live <3333 Maybe they’ll even perform in the pajamas XDDD extra dose of cuteness ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Adorable leader teukkie in hair-clip XDDDD GOOD LUCK!!! 🐱

Credit: sj-market + Soompi


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  1. rooraa said

    omg! I didn’t know SJ-H was going to release a new mv!!! I love Pajama Party! It’s soooo darn cute! Korean artists in Pj is pure love! (thinks about Jaejoong in Hamtaro pjs) >.<!

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