DBSK on the M (Mus1c)

Watch it on Youtube: “HERE

At the beginning, their was a PARODY of the members, you can watch the whole thing “HERE“, however it’s not subbed, but it’s still so funny……the underwears?!!!!!!!!!! as soon as the subbed ones are available, i’ll update it. =D This is so cute, you’ll find out what Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong would say to make a girl fall for them!!!!!! However, they didn’t show Changmin or Yunho’s part T.T but for me, they don’t have to say a word, I’ve already fell head over heel for them!!! And they do play parts of Micky’s new solo song “TOKYO LOVELIGHT!” kya kya This is on the 29th, on the M, this is their BEST BEST PERFORMANCE SO FAR!!!!!! I luff their voices!!! Their pitch was perfect, JJ hit all the high notes, and Junsu’s voice ♥_____♥ GYA, I need to see more and more of their performances!!! Enjoy~

Because the subs are kind of hard to read, here’s what they said:

Junsu: “If I were the one, Would it be bad?” (NO DEAR, I’LL DIE DIE DIE!!!! KYAAAA!!)

Micky: Su…Suki Kamo “I….I think I might like you ♥” (He’s so cute when he stutters, and “might”, he’s not sure is he? xDDD GYA GYA he’s so sexy, especially when the “love is so beautiful” music comes on!!! )

Jaejoong: “I will call you!” (O____O you will? I’ll sit by my phone 24/7 waiting for your call then, JJ *DROOLS*)


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  1. Dongbangshinkilover said

    where did that underwear thing come from?? that was random

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