[News] DBSK Tohoshinki “banned” from Music Station


I would like to dedicate this post and talk about something I’ve read/heard about recently. If there’s anything you disagree w/ or have a different opinion, please feel free to comment. Although I do try to be as objective as possible. Thanks~

There are some talks going around recently about “DBSK Tohoshinki is banned from Music Station in Japan.” Music Station is a major popular music show in Japan that features a lot of great artists. Johnny Entertainment is the biggest and most successful company in Japan, and it practically controls the entire music industry. Whereas you have SM in Korea, you have JE in Japan. So the fact that there’s competition going on b/w those 2 companies is TRUE and INEVITABLE. There are some really great artists under JE, such as, KAT-TUN (Luff them), NewS, Kanjani8, Arashi, and V6……. etc.  TVXQ on the other hand, achieved great success ever since they came to japan. Their new single “Why Have I Fallen in Love With You” received many No.1’s on both the Oricon Daily and Weekly Charts. Many wondered WHY they never got invited to Music Station, despite the fat that they are on Music Station’s No.1 list this week. The most likely answer is, DBSK + SM got “banned” from Music Station by JE.  Many stated that the way that JE deal with this is very cheap. However, it is reasonable to say that because MS is controlled by JE, why would JE help promote more competitions?? As many of you guys know, in Souther Korea, Japanese songs aren’t allowed in Major TV, Show, Radios……etc. So all in all, despite the cruelty, in order to keep surviving in the music industry, some harsh action has to take place.

Something else to notice. Avex moved the release date for TVXQ’s single earlier so there will be less competition, because they know if they go against a more popular group they won’t rank as high. I’m really glad for their success, and I REALLY REALLY LOVE THEM, i’m trying to be objective to point out that Johnny’s bands got #1 on Oricon Chart regardless of the competition. This week, JE’s Hey!Say!JUMP sold 150k, and Aiko sold 70K, so if TVXQ released their single on their first release date they’ll get ranking #3 instead.

This further proofs that DBSK is a MAJOR SUCCESS in Japan, while Johnny boys is also a MAJOR SUCCESS. both SM + JE trained their artists for greatness, and they’re both very very successful in doing so!!! and I personally loves those 2 companies and their artists to death. So although the 2 companies are rivals and compete a lot, all we fangirls have to do is keep CHEERING FOR OUR FAVORITE ARTISTS!!!  

So, PLEASE PLEASE be RESPECTABLE, NO BASHING, but show TVXQ our love and continute to support them in Japan as they attend other music shows!!!!!!!!!



  1. haiko-chan said

    well,can’t be help as each country is competing 4 the best.
    But i know whether DBSK etc nor KATTUN etc wan to satisfy their fanz no matter where they are from.Dakara,maybe they hav been thought to meet each other someday..And I can’t wait for it!If it’s truly coming!Korea/Japan,they are great!
    And I’m also hope for my country’s entertainers to be able to stand the same line with ’em with more strength position.

  2. haiko-chan said

    Oh,my mistake i guess.I mean,for DBSK etc n KATTUN etc ,all they wan is to satisfy their fanz no matter which country they are from.Sorry coz i got a wrong sentence about this be4.Not gud in English (>,<) Love TVXQ & JE boyz!

  3. bananna said

    OMG you said it! you rock! that was the fairest and nicest way anyone could ever explain that.
    what i still think is weird, though, is that je always gets #1 on the oricon. ALWAYS. they dont have as many fans as most fans think (confusing….>.>). alot of my friends dont like them at all. so its kinda bizzare…
    but you explained it great. thanks for clearing that up. im gonna miss not seeing them on Msute though 😥

  4. cheddar said

    well,, it’s the station’s decision so there’s nothing anyone can do about it…it’s just called show business..anyway,, i’ll still continue to support dbsk no matter what..wether they get to go to big stations or not,, i think it wouldnt make any difference they will never ran out of fans…,, that’s for sure..

    and oh yeah,, great job for both korean and japanese music industry..keep it up!!

  5. rin said


    DBSK was on music station. I live in Japan and they have been on like three times now. you can watch it on youtube if you want.

  6. Ana said

    Hi!! I really like what you did…I mean I like what you did, writing an article and everything…^^
    Good job! I could completely understand everything and I also like the two companies very much but I don’t think it’s fair for Tohoshinki…T-T
    Thank you for writing the article and I hope to read more articles from you…XDDD

  7. Ana said

    Now that I remember…the first time I saw Tohoshinki, was on the music station program…but I didn’t like them at first…T-T
    Like I was soo obsessed with Arashi and Arashi were also at the program so i wanted Arashi to sing and like didn’t pay attention at Tohoshinki…
    So SaD…T-T

    But one thing is true from what you said…Arashi appears on Music Station a thousand times more than Tohoshinki… -3-
    Thanks again!~

  8. alex. said

    is it true that there’s no japanese music around in korea?? that is so strange i meing no wonder one time i so tohoshinki or in this case dbsk on a variety show in korea call “come to play”(it was actually this year) and they ask them if they had celebrities who are friends with them…anyway they do and when they ask them if they had friends in japan as well they mention exile..smap and freaking KODA KUMI (LOVE HER) and nobody there knew who they were…i was like WTH they even did a song with her called last angel for her album with video and everything…they tried to explain who they were but it didn’t seem to care….
    i knew that they competition with kat-tun the most but kat-tun is only big succes in japan while tvxq have success in korea japan china tailand etc…all asia including europe and america according to wikipedia…i also read somewhere that kame from kat-tun know who they are but jin doesn’t like them at all i read it in a interview..i felt bad about it 😦

  9. alex. said

    sooo sorrry i got a line wrong….
    in one part i meant that i knew that there is competition with kat-tun the most


    byebye XDXD

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