300708 Heechul Cyworld Update~ Heebum+Champagne ♥

YAYS!!! HEEBUM ISN’T LOST!!! <3333 Soooo happy to know that Heebum is safe, and now has a new play-mate!! 😀 oh, and comments in blue would be my random spazzings 😀


Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.30 15:12

Title: Together with Heebum

On the right is Heebum who hasn’t appeared in a long time {HAI HEEBUM!!! *waves* XDD}
On the left is a a cat, looking like a monkey, whose name
according to everyone on ‘SimSimTapa’ who thought that it should be surnamed after me,

Kim Ya

To call it.. but how come (it) feels like a “Miss Kim~” Pass (-┏) {AHAHAHAHA, Miss Kim XDD I believe that in Korean, the suffix -Ya attached to a name indicates a young female XD but please don’t quote me ><” }

And lastly, I don’t know where this came from

Champagne 샴페인 {O_o}

Calling (-┏)

the cat Siam is because it’s a Siamese.. {ah, so that explains the color of the cat XD}

And also, when it comes home it’d want to sleep, so it’s a disabled (animal) 폐인.. {ROFL, the kitty’s just tired!! XDD}

So I called him “Disabled Siam” 샴폐인..(shampyein) {-.-}

But through the intonation, it’s Champagne 샴페인 (shampein)

Translated by superduperlove {THANK YOU!!!}
Credits; OnlySJ13

……..WELL, we can always depend on Heechul to come up with crack-tastic names such as Disabled Siam XDDD So critical of Heenim, but that cat must be sooo popular and famous now in Korea, and it gets to LIVE WITH HEECHUL!!! Lucky cat 🐱

On an un-related note, I’ve just came back from a 6 day vacation with my family to Chicago and Michigan (pretty awesome ❤ ) and I would like to point out that the co-author, Wendi, has been maintaining this site while I was gone, writing over 20 posts <33333 I can’t ask for a better partner for the blog and a better friend ♥♥♥♥♥ Luff you dear=^-^=


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