SHINee ~School Of Rock, dressed as GIRLS ♥ + other School of Rocks (Super Junior, DBSK, F.T. Island, SS501, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, KARA with Cho Shin Sung, SNSD)

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ROFL ROFL ROFL, I dunno, maybe I should feel grossed out, but I’m totally now. I have a HUGE SMILE on my face right now!!!!! Cross dressing anyone? Only cute boys like SHINee can pull it off w/o making others LOLZ. Taemin is soooo pretty + sweet in the outfit, he seems so…………NATURAL!!!! Luff their head bands, and Key’s pig tails are sooo KAWAII!!

Credit: nylenuol


Part 1: one, two, three

Part 2: one, two

Part 3: one, two

Part 1– ROFL, this is soooo funny! At the beginning Onew got so scared when the other members tried to make him go to a room, he whined “DON’T PUSH ME!” LOLZ they replied “YOU’RE OUR LEADER!”  poor Onew babe, he’s adorable!!! Then, one of the members leaves the room at a time, and the rest would talk about him. LMAO, it’s HILARIOUS + MEAN at the same time!!!! The MC said that Minho looks like an alien, mainly because he’s so tall w/ a small face and HUGE eyes!!! LOLs, at the end they do their skits in the girl outfits. Minho, Key, and Taemin looks so GREAT as girls. Taemin got some really AMAZING LEGS!!!! Jonghyun + Onew ROFL, those two, one is kind of too manly, one is just plain awkward acting as a girl. Luff them!

Part 2– They performed “Real”, the dancing was AWESOME!! LOLs, this is the parts where all the lucky girls comes in. They dance up to their favorite SHINee boys, and you hear the FANS SCREAMS!!! xDDD Awkwardness is present, as well as a lot of CUTENESS!!

Part 3– They performed “In My Room”, it’s a FANTASTIC performance. Then, it’s the “5 Word Talk”!!! I’m terribly jealous of those lucky girls!!! >.< Jonghyun gave a girl a piggy back ride =D, Taemin hugs a girl, KAWAII!!!!! AHAHAHA, a girl told Minho that he’ll regret not dating her, and the MC went” I THINK WHEN THIS AIRS, YOU’LL BE REGRETTING SAYING THIS…..” ahahahaha , Adorable Key and a girl did a couple dance to “So Hot” by WGs. Another girl asked Onew to seduce her, he went” Will that be all right?” w/ a smile, then he sang “Forevermore” to her. They ended the show w/ a SUPERB performance of “Noona You’re So Pretty (Replay)”!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Other Mnet School of Rock

(They’re all so hilarious!!! those are MUST WATCH!!! ROFL, but I have to warn you first, DON’T NOSE BLEED TOO MUCH, AND DON’T BE TOOO JEALOUS OF THOSE LUCKY GIRLS/BOYS xDDDD)

Super Junior : 2007– one, two, three, four

DBSK: 20062006one, two, three, four   2007one, two, three

F.T. Island: 2007one, two, three, four

SS501: 2007one, two, three

Big Bang: 2007 (un-subbed)one, two

Wonder Girls: 2008one, two, three

♥ KARA with Cho Shin Sung: 2007 (un-subbed)one, two

SNSD: 2008one, two, three



  1. Carolina said

    LOL ! XD Thanks I really want to see this

  2. blabla said

    taemin’s prettier than me. XD

  3. mai yang said

    wow taemin looks pretty on that picture and he was cute too.^ ^

  4. aisha said

    i love taemin hes cute

  5. graney said

    Wow,….taemin I think u r so cute if u r a girl.
    Hahaha,…just kidding!
    u r so gergous,,
    Luv u shinee!!!

  6. blia yang said

    hey taemin when you be a girl u so pretty and u so cute and i love SHiNee. ^_^

  7. hieu said

    un taemin is lovely but I feel taemin no beautiful, last month I love taemin but now I hate taemin because you are awful for in TV or television

  8. NAJ said

    wow Key and taemin are so cute!!! they can really pass as girls

  9. Deys said

    I’m jelous to see taemin like that!!

  10. SADIA said

    OMG!i wouldn’t have ever been dreamed of seeing them like this!its just like fantasy!i m in so much love with them!they can easily be passed in a beauty u SHINEE!keep going!!:D

  11. arumuttami said

    oh my god … taemin … you’re look so pretty .. you’re prettier than me … no problem, i still being your fans … 🙂

  12. shiny said

    thanks but honey can you tell me where would i find ”shinee school of rock” for download ? i’m searching for it since last year!
    if you can tell me please send your answer to my e-mail

    i really appreciate it …………

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