DBSK/TVXQ on Music Fair 21 + TBS Countdown

Music Fair 21: Summer Dream (Tohoshinki). This is a GREAT and CUTE performance. yeah, say COME ON!!! xDDDD The dances are just so adorable. They all look very VERY HAPPY!!!!!! and Yunho’s smile makes my heart melts. PICTURES: “here

Music Fair 21: Why Have I Fallen in Love With You (Tohoshinki). A little bit shacky towards the beginning, and some off key tunes. Towards the end, however, it sounds SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!! They’re definitely improving, it’s quite a difficult song to sing LIVE. Overall, It’s a pretty good performance. PICTURES: “here

TBS Countdown: Why Have I Fallen in Love With You (Tohoshinki). Pray that the vid will load quickly for you, cause this is the BEST PERFORMANCE so far!!!!!!!!! It’s really worth waiting a while for it to load. Their voice is sooooo GORGEOUS, every notes is perfect! and Jaejong hit those really high notes BEAUTIFULLY!!! I’ll update it later if someone post it on YouTube!!!


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