DBSK interview ‘Starry Night’ UNICEF Auction + 080727 Hyori, SHINee, Kara on Inkigayo

The interview in on YouTube, clickHERE“, thanks mickytoho for subbing!!!!!!

This interview was on July 24th, 2008. Yoochun, Jaejoong and Yunho was all there!!!!! They were so CUTE and FUNNY on this show! The Moderator is really Sarcastic and Hilarious!! This was on a special program called “100-second Discussion”, in a mock panel discussion style. Each guest star donated a treasured item, so it can be put on an online auction. Whoever guessed the prices (set by the stars themselves) of the item would win the precious item!!!! The part where Yoochun talked about his postcards was SOOOOO CUTE!!!! like mickytoho said “Whoever wins it can give it back to him at the next fansign event!” And when it’s Yunho’s turn, he wanted to donate his SOCKS!!!! although i LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH, I really can do WITHOUT the socks ^ ^ Thank goodness, he decided to donate something else instead.

Junsu + Changmin attended on the 23rd, while Yoochun + JJ + Yunho attended on the 24th. 

Items donated by DBSK:


Changmin Cap





Credit: sannahkhan


Hyori: U-Go-Girl!! As always, this is a VERY NICE performance by Hyori. Also she won the Mutizen!, Congratulations Hyori!!!! That hug b/w her and UJH is soooooo SWEET!!!

SHINee: In My Room + Noona You’re So Pretty (Remix / Boom track) Kya, I luff “In My Room” They performed so well! My SHINee boys!! and the BOOM track is just superb, I luff the beat, and the dances are just LUFFS. especially when Taemin did the MVP signs xDDDDD Looking hot as always in those tight pants, but won’t they feel very uncomfortable though???

카라 Kara Comeback Special: Rock You + Interview Dunno if many of you guys know KARA, it’s a girl group that debuted last year March under DSP Entertainment. It was 5 members, but currently it’s only 4 members. Their performance was really good, they seem very confident and comfortable on stage =D Great song, will be glad to hear more of them in the future!!!!


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