DBSK in B-Pass Magazine


 *DROOLS* They look so GORGEOUS!! although, they all indeed look very tired, either because of the makeup/lighting, or they haven’t slept well. Poor babies, DO SLEEP MORE!!! >.< Anyways, Yunho’s hair makes him look older and hotter.  Jaejoong still has the mushroom hair. xDDDDD Now, i’m getting more and more used to it. Junsu, Changmin, and Micky looks so good. Although, Chunnie , please please please do something about your pants and ESPECIALLY those shoes! It seriously looks like something Heechul would wear to do the “Tell Me” dance >.< xDDDDDDD Some of the photos are kind of transparent in some parts, so it looks all magical and surrealism ish. Very Cool.

I’ve created a ZIP file for all the pictures, there’s 38 total. For Download, please click “HERE”



Credit: DNBN


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