080726 Heechul’s CY World Update + Heebum ran away??? missing???!

2008.07.26 12:19

Title: Name

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Which would be good?
Jungmo (X-mas from Trax) and I held our heads together and thought through it much..

* Tell Me
* Champagne
* Gaegood (Very good)
* Gaettabong (Very impressive?)

Which would be good? (-┏)

Within today I shall collate all the applications for names with my type of style ㄱㄱ
At the fancafe and elsewhere too ㄱㄱ

To add on,

* Su Bak Yi Bak Su (From Rokkugo lyrics)
* Ttutturu Du Ttuttu (From SNSD’s Kissing You lyrics)
* Omona

Gaeteuk is a nickname that I put my mind into creating, so I’ll pass on that (-┏)

*Translated by ilovejr
Credits; OnlySJ13, OnlyHeechul

**Well, picture above is Heechul’s new cat. I think it’s a gift from his fans.


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OMONA!!!!!! Many said that Heebum ran away! T______T; I REALLLLY HOPE IT’S NOT TRUE, AND JUST A RUMOR!!! It’s heartbreaking just thinking about the cutest Heebum, all lonely in the street. Heenim doesn’t sounds too sad in his CY World update, so I’d assume the Heebum is safe and sound on Heechul’s bed. Heechul LUFFS Heebum, if he did ran away, I’m sure Heenim will be DEVASTATED. and ROFL, Heechul want to name the new cat “Gaeteuk”??? which translates into “Dog Teuk” Poor Teukie.

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♥ Cute Baby Heebum:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
He’s so cute!!! Lookie at those BIG and INNOCENT eyes. Don’t chu just wanna cuddle him?!! ♥

Heechul’s Cat Record:

♥Yamchae – Gift from fans; He got him in mid-July 2005 and Yamchae ran away in early November 2005 so Heechul didn’t have him even 4 months. Heechul was away filming for a few days and wasn’t told that Yamchae ran away until he got back to the apartment and the members told him.
♥Chae Che – Gift from fans; He got him in mid January 2006 and had to give him back almost immediately. The cat was already sickly to begin with and it was a time when Heechul was doing the radio show, Rainbow Romance, appearing on a lot of variety shows, getting ready to film Bad Family, etc. so he didn’t have time to take care of him and also he just wasn’t ready to have another cat since it had only been a couple of months since Yamchae ran away and he was still hoping that he would come back.
♥Heebum – Gift from fans; He got him in November 2006 to the present.

by: damifino @ soompi



  1. kyaaaaa kitty kawai ^^

  2. brenda said

    aww, sometime i wish i were heebum XD, so heenim would love me ❤

  3. soo cuteeeee……^^

  4. kyaaaaaaa kyeoptaaaa 😀

  5. AsakaHyuk said

    heebum is girl @@ not boy

  6. Reblogged this on hachidarksky and commented:
    heebummmmmmiee *w*

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