SJ-M prepare for new MV “愛你愛你 (Love you Love you / Love Song)” + Jaejoong Kindai Scans

 YEAH! My wish came true, they’re making another MV for 愛你愛你 (Love you Love you), the CUTEST song in their album ME !!!!!!!!   I’ve always loved that song, and the MV is going to be so cute!!! Lookie at those HUGE COLORFUL blocks, so happy and cheerful! Can’t wait for the new MV!!!! SJ-M HWAITING! p.s. Luff Kyuhyun’s blue poka dot shirt thingy and Ryeowook’s bright orange-ish pink pants!!!!! =^o^=

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Credit: Baidu SJ bar

Hero Jaejoong from DBSK was featured in Kindai again. It’s kind of weird how he’s always by himself in Kindai, but anyways, I’m desperate for more of BooJJ hotness!!! Just look at him, the lips on the shirt AND his lips both pwns!!!!! He’s so gorgeous, even his mushroom hair is so stylish. KYA Jaejoong saranghaeyo, HWAITING!!!!!


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  1. aiusun11 said

    OH MY GOD!!

    My HERO is SO HOT!!!!

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