SJ-M on COOL Magazine

In case you guys don’t already know, COOL magazin is a chinese magazine that features a lot of Korean artists. and all of the pictures below are taken AFTER kyuhyun magnae went back to Korea to be w/ his family. So he’s not in the picutre T_____T

They look so ADORABLE and HOT in the pics. I especially love Ryeowook, Henry, and Zhoumi ones. They look great in those outfits, and Mochi is just SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! I have to say, I luff Zhoumi’s new hair cut, AND his bracelet. Fishie, Siwonnie, and Hannie also looks GORGEOUS in all their Hotness. xDDDDDDD There are chinese writings on the side, so if you can read chinese, it’s your lucky day. AND i believe on some , they talked about Kyuhyun magnae!!!!! ♥

Credit: no1_jo @ LJ


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