SJ-M ~Finally experienced Hangeng’s hardships

This interview is before Wookie’s Birthday, and it’s quite a INTERESTING / LONG interview. The members finally get to experience Hangeng’s hardships when he first trained in Korea. They talked about their feelings in China, and what they liked and of course it involves as alwasy FOOD FOOD MORE FOOD!!!!! yummy, since it’s quite long, i’m just going to give you a link to click xDDDD The part about Wookie’s present is so cute, and you’ll now find out the REASON WHY Siwonnie is NOT DATING!!!!!!


SJ-M Finally experienced Hangeng’s hardships*

Credit: FANS Super Fans Entertainment Weekly

Translation: withcoffee @ LJ

In the parking lot of [blah blah building in blah blah district], two vans have arrived quite awhile ago. When we arrived, the members were in make-up and styling. Ryeowook was playing a game with the workers/staff using papers sitting on the table. Hangeng came out to greet us, shake hands, and smile. Shiwon was on the phone in the grassy area of the garden, while Henry was a bit shy, coming in and out to greet us twice.

Han Geng, Choi Shiwon, Kim Ryeowook, Lee Donghae, Zhou Mi, Henry……they still look like young men to be proud of, but in the media are already quite popular and influential. From Korea to China, any place they’re at will have unending media coverage. At the moment these youthful eyes are looking at me in an orderly fashion, waiting for my next question. They are only missing Kyuhyun, who at the moment is rushing towards Seoul’s airport because he received news yesterday that his grandmother had passed away. Therefore, across the table there are only 6 expressions: thoughtful Hangeng, calm Shiwon, gentle Ryeowook, cool Donghae, and Zhoumi and Henry who are a little shy. During the days of working in Korea, Hangeng learned strength and independence; on the other hand, during the days of breaking into China, Ryeowook learned how to cook. Alone in a foreign land is probably lonely, but even if it’s lonely, Shiwon says he isn’t considering dating right now. In the days at “Home Field,” [TN: a place in Beijing] Hangeng says he keeps getting influenced by the other members, “from having a conversation to playing a game, this is how the implicit understanding between members is created.”………

For the ENTIRE STORY, please click HERE: SJ-M Finally experienced Hangeng’s hardships


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