DBSK Haptic CFs (White, Pink, and Blue)~


White Haptic~ Micky + Changmin
– I’m a little confused about the storyline, I believe it’s that Micky’s girlfriend broke up with him because she started dating Changmin XDD But honestly, who would care about what it’s about when you have cute and hawt boys dripping in sweat and fighting? XDDD Seriously though, Micky looks really nice ❤

Blue Haptic~ JaeJoong – Daww…how sad TT___TT Jae…don’t cry please ;;__;; Although Hero looks really exquisite when emo XD and that blue seeping out from him is sooo pretty ❤

Pink Haptic~ Yunho + Xiah– Hehehehe, whereas the other two are emo and sad, this one is sooo cute and adorable <3333 Shy/dorky Yunho is so rare and sooooooo sweet 😀 and then Xiah comes in and gives Yunho support ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that was so adorable 🐱


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