[MV Drama Version] ~TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki ~Why Have I Fallen In Love With You

Credit: kueaa @ YouTube
Translation by: system-chaos @ LJ
Subbing by: carmendove @ LJ

I ABSOLUTELY JUST ADORE THIS SONG!!! This drama version is really nice, and the subs really helps people like me, who are clueless about Japanese/Korean. It’s a really cute yet very sad story, and TVXQ sing the song so well!! Be sure to thank all the people who translated and subbed it! =^o^=

be sure to buy the SINGLE “Why Have I Fallen in Love With You” to support TVXQ!

♥[ PRE-ORDER ] 23rd SINGLE (Regular Edition)

Credit: cdJapan



  1. marjorie said

    its really cute yet very sad mv of their new album…the guy is so cute too…hehehe.lolz

  2. robotgrape` said

    ” who are clueless about korean”
    -hehe its a jap song XD

  3. lovemelodies said

    @ robotgrape

    heheh really? gotta go check that out then MWAHAHAHA, clueless about korean is a japanese song, how ironic xDDD

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