080715 Ryeowook Fancafe Update + SJ-M 100 Days Celebration ♥


It has been 100 days since the debut of SJ-M….

These boys have been working so hard….. singing… performing…. making us laugh and cry along with them, sharing their talents and strength. May Henry and Zhoumi keep their strength and be strong against all odds……May the Korean members feel comfortable, loved, and at home in China, and may Hangeng, leader, ge ge, and friend, be happy and successful in his home country. Take care of yourselves, nothing’s worth more to us fans than your health and happiness ❤ SJ-M Jia You! ♥


Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2008.07.15 00:02

Title: In China

Hehe~~ We just ended today’s rehearsal..
Tomorrow we will hold Super Junior-M’s 100 Day Party~~
We had this thought early……
About looking back.. it’s like having a lot of ideas and thoughts
putting together into 1 day……
Really very thankful~
And I really miss the Korean fans~~
And our members in Super Junior……
And Appa Omma I really miss you too^^
So I’ll work even harder from now on~!!
Please support us even more~!!!

P.S. In the hotel.. Preparing to eat my dinner now!~~
Hehe Everyone must eat well^^

Translated by superduperlove
Credits; http://www.ryeo-wook.com

Ryeowookie…<3 I can’t believe it’s already 100 days milestone…time passes by so fast 🐱 SJ-M Hwaiting~


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  1. Ryukuo said

    awww…thnxs for ur translations!!

    i feel so bad because i dont know korean and i dont know how to read chinese…and i AM chinese…Boooo lol, i hope i get to learn korean…living in the US is bad.

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