080714 Leeteuk Cyworld Update~

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.14 02:02

(Please, I beg of you, please do not paste any more stickers here)
I wrote this on the 13th, to all those people I wanted to thank..
The past week with the 1st Official Fan Meeting in Japan, the Name Card Exchange event, touch meeting..
The Budokan filled with 12,000 fans
Everyone’s sincerity.. I felt it all this time..

And hitting 4th on the Oricon Charts, it’s something I could never have dreamt of..
Really, thank you very much..
Arigatoh gozaimasu!!! (아리가또 고자이마스!!! Thank you in Japanese)
Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!! Super Juni eo!!!! deseu!!! (도죠 요로시코 오네가이시마스!!!! 슈퍼주니 어!!!!데스!!! Please give us care and concern, we are Super Junior!)

And the 1st Asia Tour in Thailand..!!
Every time we go, we always feel that it’s a warm country.. the first time we’re having a performance abroad..
The 1st Asia Tour.. it was filled to the fullest of 14,000 seats
Overflowing with pearl sapphire blue.. Because of the overseas fans..
They sang Marry U so perfectly.. my worthless self..
It felt like I was given so much love.. and I cried for very long..
Thank you.. Really thank you.. Mee Kwan Suk Krab??!!!!!^^(미쾀숙 크랍? I’m very happy??) Khob khun krab (코큰캅.. Thank you)
And those who were waiting for too long.. our country’s.. fans..!
We were away for too long.. Thank you for waiting so long for us, and not cheating..!!
You mustn’t get angry!! I’m Korean!!! ^^ Love you all..

And those who came from afar.. China.. Taiwan.. Hong Kong.. Malaysia.. Vietnam.. France
Really thankful to all those fans who came from other countries..
I love you all

Although we have different looks.. Different nationalities.. Different languages..
But we are one!!!!!

This time.. after coming back.. I really had a lot of feelings..
What should I do.. What path shall I take today..
Why should I work even harder.. and be even more humble..

Super Junior begins now!!!!
Thank you.. I love you…!!!
We are Super Juni~~~~or!!!!
We are E.L.F!!!!!^^
(Please do not stick any more stickers.. please..)

Translated by superduperjunior THANK YOU~~
Credits; OnlySJ13

Oh, Teukkie……. ♥♥♥♥♥ I’m so happy super junior had such a great reception, but were you really surprised? We love you all so much, now and forever~ Nothing can change our support for you all, I hope you can see how hard you and everyone else are working and how much it’s paying off. Super Junior Hwaiting~


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