080710 ChinChin Radio ~Super Junior-H (Members Speak Their Minds)

~Teukie Cries~

~Singing SUNNY Live~

Video Credits: nojomi1106 @ YouTube

On Thursday, SJ-H made a visit to Taeyeon+Kangin’s radio show, ChinChin. It’s great to see them together, it made me VERY VERY HAPPY!!! I really hope the subs will be available soon for us non Korean speaking fans xDDDD Based on what I’ve heard, Kangin asked each of the members to say what they’re most thankful, and feel sorry about. So each member takes turn to speak his mind. They said they are thankful for the members, and sweetie Sungmin added that he’s thankful for having Teukie as their leader. So while the members are talking, Teukie got really emotional and he cried. He was sobbing when it’s his turn. Thanks to simply_diem from Soompi for the summary. *HUG* Teukie, is just soooooo Sweet! It’s so sad to see him cry, he’s TRULY AN ANGEL SEND TO US FROM HEAVEN. He really cares about Super Junior, and one just couldn’t ask for a better leader. Teukie HWAITING! Saranghaeyo <33333

SJ-H performed SUNNY live on the radio show, it’s just SOOO Awesome! It’s one of my fav songs, it’s just so cute and ADDICTING! Not to mention words substitutions amusements, From SUNNY to HONEY to BUNNY!!! xDDD SJ-H indeed lives up to its name, HAPPY! The sub-group brought us all CHEERFUL HAPPINESS! SJ-H HWAITING!

YOUTUBE LINKS: (Segments-080710 ChinChin radio)

♥~Leeteuk Cries
♥~SJ-H sing SUNNY live
♥~Yesung sings Lee Ki Chan “Please”
♥~Kangin Abuses Sungmin?!
♥~Rock, Paper, Scissors #2
♥~Kangin taking pictures of Taeyeon
♥~Kangin feeding Taeyeon
♥~Taeyeon imitating T.O.P (Big Bang)
Credits: nojomi1106 + kxjenn @ YouTube

TUDOU LINKS: (Complete- 080710 ChinChin radio)

♥Part1: 080710 ChinChin 1
♥Part2: 080710 ChinChin 2
♥Part3: 080710 ChinChin 3
Credit: 晕时代 @ Tudou


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