Japan’s Official E.L.F Fanclub Pictures ♥~

~Individual Pictures~

(For a ZIP of more individual pictures of everyone, click HERE. 55 Piccies ^^~)

Oh, just a reminder, Super Show tomorrow!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM ALL TOGETHER 🐱 (waiting for Soompi to crash from all pictures and videos XDDD this is going to be fun….)
Hi Kibummie 😀 It’s nice to see you here!!!!! even though you couldn’t make it to the fanmeet because of your filming schedule. Hope your dramas are going well ^^
I am in love with Kangin’s hair~
HI GORGEOUS~ Wo Ai Ni 😀 ’nuff said 🐱
Homg Wookie, why are you sooo cute?? <33333 Download that zip at the top for some more Wookie gorgeousness, it’s worth it, trust me 😀
Ahahaha, SJ-H outfit 😀 how adorable ❤
Hai Fishie ♥♥♥ His hair is becoming a little wild, a cut soon maybe? 😄
Gorgeous GORGEOUS Heenim, as usual ♥ I luff you ^^ Happy birthday Oppa~
Dawwww…Magnae’s so cute, he’s like “AH HA!~” XDDD
ok, one…two…three…KAWAII!!!!!! XDDD Sungmin’s always full of aegyo, what an ADORABLE kid 😀 Anata Wa Kawaii!
Hi Leader Teukkie 😀 ❤ Looking gorgeous as usual, Leeteuk hwaiting ^^~
*waves back to Siwon* 😄 Horssie, may I ask why you are in a different location than the other members? XDD
Poo hair XDDDDDD I wanna pull it 🐱 Shindong’s the only one that can wear something like that and still look so amusingly CUTE instead of ridiculous 😄
Hyukkie…o.O are you trying to be seductive? XDDDD it’s not really working, you are too CUTE, sorreh monkey 😀

Credit: Baidu+superduperlove



  1. so lovely~I love this website~Hangeng,see u later~July 16 ,is coming,and the fanmeeting is waiting for u~i’ll show u all my passion!!

  2. lovemelodies said

    Hiii!! Thank you so much for your support 🐱 We are very happy you enjoy our updates 😀 Are you from Japan? Can you view wordpress in Japan? I hope you were able to go to them fanmeet and see them ❤

  3. Ngek said

    hi,,, r u elf japannese?

    oh! i’m Thai elf ,,, i love SJ ^^

    wanna make a friend with u ^^

    sieya_night@hotmail.com >> my mail , plz add me!!


  4. lovemelodies said

    Hello ^^ We are not japanese, nor ELFs, just Chinese fans that love k-pop (suju especially) and we live in the US currently 😄 It’s really nice to meet you!!! Please visit often and leave more comments ❤

  5. Jolinfan said

    Hi! Super Junior is my life right now!! I was wondering if you have ever met any of the Super Junior in person and also, where do you live in the US? I live there too!

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