Japan’s Official E.L.F Fanclub Pictures ♥~

~Individual Pictures~

(For a ZIP of more individual pictures of everyone, click HERE. 55 Piccies ^^~)

Oh, just a reminder, Super Show tomorrow!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM ALL TOGETHER 🐱 (waiting for Soompi to crash from all pictures and videos XDDD this is going to be fun….)
Hi Kibummie 😀 It’s nice to see you here!!!!! even though you couldn’t make it to the fanmeet because of your filming schedule. Hope your dramas are going well ^^
I am in love with Kangin’s hair~
HI GORGEOUS~ Wo Ai Ni 😀 ’nuff said 🐱
Homg Wookie, why are you sooo cute?? <33333 Download that zip at the top for some more Wookie gorgeousness, it’s worth it, trust me 😀
Ahahaha, SJ-H outfit 😀 how adorable ❤
Hai Fishie ♥♥♥ His hair is becoming a little wild, a cut soon maybe? XD
Gorgeous GORGEOUS Heenim, as usual ♥ I luff you ^^ Happy birthday Oppa~
Dawwww…Magnae’s so cute, he’s like “AH HA!~” XDDD
ok, one…two…three…KAWAII!!!!!! XDDD Sungmin’s always full of aegyo, what an ADORABLE kid 😀 Anata Wa Kawaii!
Hi Leader Teukkie 😀 ❤ Looking gorgeous as usual, Leeteuk hwaiting ^^~
*waves back to Siwon* XD Horssie, may I ask why you are in a different location than the other members? XDD
Poo hair XDDDDDD I wanna pull it 🐱 Shindong’s the only one that can wear something like that and still look so amusingly CUTE instead of ridiculous XD
Hyukkie…o.O are you trying to be seductive? XDDDD it’s not really working, you are too CUTE, sorreh monkey 😀

Credit: Baidu+superduperlove



  1. so lovely~I love this website~Hangeng,see u later~July 16 ,is coming,and the fanmeeting is waiting for u~i’ll show u all my passion!!

  2. lovemelodies said

    Hiii!! Thank you so much for your support 🐱 We are very happy you enjoy our updates 😀 Are you from Japan? Can you view wordpress in Japan? I hope you were able to go to them fanmeet and see them ❤

  3. Ngek said

    hi,,, r u elf japannese?

    oh! i’m Thai elf ,,, i love SJ ^^

    wanna make a friend with u ^^

    sieya_night@hotmail.com >> my mail , plz add me!!


  4. lovemelodies said

    Hello ^^ We are not japanese, nor ELFs, just Chinese fans that love k-pop (suju especially) and we live in the US currently XD It’s really nice to meet you!!! Please visit often and leave more comments ❤

  5. Jolinfan said

    Hi! Super Junior is my life right now!! I was wondering if you have ever met any of the Super Junior in person and also, where do you live in the US? I live there too!

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