DBSK Arena 37℃ Magazine Scans + Pati Pati 8/2008 Scans


DBSK Arena 37℃ Magazine Scans

For a ZIP file of all 19 magazine scans (very HQ, more curtain hawtness XD ), click here. Enjoy~ 🐱

Credit: Baidu + as tagged



DBSK Pati Pati 08 08 Scans

Credit: as tagged+Soompi

@____@ ADAFKADSLFJAS;LFJADS;LKFBHADSKLFJA;DKJ *keyboard smash* …….why are you guys ALL so cute/hawt/sweet/adorable????????? ;;____;; Do enjoy their hawtness and cuteness while I go labor over that Government test tomorrow -_-” I might or might not be back to spazz some more, after all, why do you need my spazzing when you have all those pretty boys to drool over? 🐱 Enjoy~



  1. remixless said

    yaaaaa ,, they looks sooo hot in those pics ,, ❤

    yoochun looks great x33

  2. lovemelodies said

    Don’t they look awesome??! 😀 I think those might be my fav. individual pictures, they are all so handsome in it ❤

  3. dea said


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