070908 Ryeowook Fancafe Update~

Super Junior’s RyeoWook in Japan ^^
08.07.09 02:31My bad Japanese…
Only Arigato gozaimasu (*)…..RyeoWook only knows that…ㅋ
So I learnt 2 more terms ~ otsukare samadesu (**)…(it sounds a little like it…)
itadakima~~~~~su (***)
ㅋㅋㅋ (I’m good at Korean !!!)
At Budokan with more than 10 thousands seats !
Although it was a short meeting but it left me greatly impressed //
After all the schedule ended, Super Junior members went to bed already ~^^
Super Junior is happy ~^^
And also to the members who couldn’t come here….
KiBum who are filming the drama so hard ~
I miss you ~~^^
Super Junior eh-yo~
Love all of you !!

Source : Fill me in 려욱
Translated by evanesco

(*) Thanks (**) The literal translation of otsukaresama is something along the lines of “you must be tired”, It’s something you say to a classmate, co-worker, or teammate after a hard day of school/work/sports (***) it is equal to “let’s eat” in Japan, people often say “Itadakimasu” before having breakfast, dinner etc.

♥♥♥ Dawwwww…..Wookie’s such a cutie 🐱 He also said in his post that he misses Henry and Zhoumi but of course the ONLY13s left that out when translating >.> I will look for the whole translation and edit when it’s available 😀

For now, Wookie hwaiting~ Henry/Zhoumi hwaiting~ SJ-M hwaiting~


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