080706 Hangeng Cyworld Update + SJM @ Chang Chun Film Festival

Hi Hannie ❤ it’s soooo nice to hear from you!! 🐱

Hangeng Cyworld Entry 6 July 2008




This is my 2nd time attending the film festival, this time I’m still attending it as a singer with many famous movie directors and famous actors together performing on the same stage. Next time I hope I can attend this film festival as an actor, hoho (I have to work hard, Jia you~~~)

I’m really happy coming to Chang Chun this time, because this is the first time for us to come to Dong Bei to meet everybody. Once we came off the plane I felt the warmness/ friendliness, all are fellow Dong Bei villagers~~~~ I then spoke my home town language very naturally hoho~~! I really hope we will have more opportunities to come to Dong Bei, and to give the fellow Dong Bei villagers our stage performance. I hope to be able to go back to my hometown Mudanjiang even more~~!
I love you all~~!

Translated by Wing @ http://www.mygiftedwings.com/superjunior

Credit: Soompi

Pictures from SJ-M guest appearance at M!Countdown to cheer for SJ-H 🐱 dawwww ❤ Hi Wookie!!!! *waves* XDDD

Credit: as tagged+Soompi

Gahhh, so many pages to go through on Soompi SuJu thread XDDD ❤ But that’s alright, because it’s fun to find news about the boys ♥ Super Junior Hwaiting~


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