SJ-H [NO NO NO Smoking MV 070608]

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Picture Credit: SJ Market
Video Credit: 13sapphireangels @ YouTube

Say NO NO NO NO NO NO NO to smoking! The smell of smokes chokes me everytime, so we should listen to our boys and say NO to smoking. There are other older versions of Anti-Smoking MVs, done by various artists. The Song gets so addicting after awhile, here’s are some examples:

~DBSK version ……Xiah, your hair ..ROFL
~Shinhwa version
~Epik High version
~Bi(RAIN) version
~g.o.d version
~Taebin version
~Se7en version
~FTTS version
~Eugene version

Okay, about the SJ-H version of NO Smoking CF. Awwww, Kangin is not in it. >.< At the beginning, they all look like Gangsters walking through the park. xDDDD Eunhyuk’s rapping is just ♥♥♥ ~ I’ve always been very addicted to his rapping, and he looks so hot in this CF with his gangster like attitude. ROFL when Teukie pretended to smoke, Sungmin made a “GROSS, YOU STINK” face, and in slow motion pushed Teukie away. xDDD I luff Teukie’s outfits + Yesung’s w/ glasses! GYA, expecially the part where they all did the X and said NO NO NO NO NO, they all looked so serious/funny at the same time. At 0:40, Shindong is having too much fun w/ that sticker, xDDDD At the last part “Eveybody says NO”, Sungmin’s stare and hand gesture stuns me, cause our cute rabbit REALLY LOOKS LiKE A GANGSTER! I doubt anybody will ever smoke if our Sungmin started at them like that. xDDDD



  1. Sara said

    they are such a cuties.

  2. lovemelodies said

    @ Sara

    xDDD I SOOOOO agree with you! =D

  3. Viki said

    I love Big Bang version 🙂

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