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TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki / 東方神起
3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~ [ TBS ver. ]
July 1, 2008 (by SpiderLiliez)
MP3 Format
320 kbps / 44 kHz
Live / Pop / Live Band


3.Choosey Lover + Talk
4. Song for You
5. You’re My Miracle
6. NO?
7. Darkness Eyes
8. Day Moon ~ハルダル~
9. Forever Love
10. Lovin You
11. CLAP!
12. Ride On
13. Asu wa Kuru Kara
14. Beautiful You
15. SHINE + Somebody to Love
16. Rising Sun
17. Talk + Summer Dream
18. Together
19. Love in the Ice + Talk
20. Kiss したまま、さよなら [ MUSICO ]

Download Link~

Megaupload Link-
Credit: Spiderliliez

Mediafire Link-
Part 1- http://www.mediafire.com/?h12zjdwezao
Part 2- http://www.mediafire.com/?0l3nbttygyz
Part 3- http://www.mediafire.com/?jdmexzbmd1n
Credit: reuploaded by me XD

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Video Links~ (Youtube)

(I’ll only be commenting on the ones I’ve seen ^^” BUT YOU SHOULD WATCH ALL OF THEM! because DBSK’s worth it ^^ Oh, and PLEASE watch them in HQ, it’s worth the wait of loading, trust me ^^)

~ 동방신기 Opening + TRICK

AHHHH, what an AMAZING opening!!! I LOVED how they introduced the members, very futuristic feeling, and seriously, they just can’t get any hotter, wearing those trench coats and sunglasses ❤ Junsu looks especially smexy ^^~ I think my favorite part of the song would be when they stripped off those coats,I mean, isn’t that everyone’s favorite part??? 🐱 Lovely performance, must see ^^

~ 동방신기 No Pain No Gain

~ 동방신기 Choosey Lover

Great song, and I just can’t get over the fact that when they sing the chorus, they seems to be flirting with each other or something XDDDD Micky looks so….amazing doing that body roll @__@ Oh, and those skin suits looks soooo nice on them ^^ I think Jae and Junsu killed me for a bit with those phrases at 2:36, just go watch please XD

~ 동방신기 Song for You

~ 동방신기 You are my miracle

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, song @___@ amazing performance ❤

~ 동방신기 NO?

~ 동방신기 Darkness Eyes

~ 동방신기 Movie + Daymoon

LOLOLOLOL, it cracks me up how the fans scream each time a new member’s on the screen, I noticed that they screamed exceptionally loud in Jae’s bedroom scene~ LMAO XDDDD and I think the reason they didn’t show the woman’s face who was with Max is so that the fans don’t go and hurt her for pushing Max 😀 Daymoon was beautifully performed, must watch ❤

~ 동방신기 Loving You

~ 동방신기 Forever Love

~ 동방신기 CLAP

THE BEGINNING WAS SO CUTE AND AMAZING <33333  This is the reason I love Junsu so much, sooo dorky and cute and amazing 😀 I am truly impressed by the beginning choreography, simple yet effective ^^ I admit, I LOL-ed at the words popping out behind it, it looks so funny, but the boys did an awesome job singing this live ❤

~ 동방신기 Ride On

Um….um…don’t watch if easily excited by HOT, SEXY boys ><”’ Omg, those moves are just…so….awesome XD and those lyrics “Oh… feel me” and “Hey, you drive me crazy tonight” doesn’t help either -__-\\\ Jae’s gold jacket/robe looks especially nice on him ^^~ and those things coming from the sides of their pants are very…interestingly designed XDD

~ 동방신기 Asuwa Kurukara

~ 동방신기 Shine, Somebody to Love

~ 동방신기 Rising Sun

I can’t believe they sang this LIVE and it sounded SO AMAZING!!!! The dancing and everything, OMG *_* and Changmin’s high note in the middle is just pure love ♥♥♥♥♥

~ 동방신기 Summer Dream

~ 동방신기 Beautiful You

Not one of my favorite songs from them, but the performance was especially nice. A really pretty ballad and a very mature song, great performance ❤

~ 동방신기 Together

~ 동방신기 Love in the Ice

One of my favorite ballads, and they definintely did not disappoint with this live performance ❤ nicely done, DBSK 🐱

Credit: mytvxqrox@youtube



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