080627 Heechul Cyworld Update~Concerning Marriage

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.27 22:50

Title: Vent


I can’t move at all (-┏)

It’s so boring to be cooped up at home everyday

At least there’s Kibum and Jeungmo (?) who come to play with me, but…
there’s no meaning to 3 people playing ‘Go Stop’ *

Although I’ve memorized the Yoriwang dance as well as the dance steps of So Hot,
but because I can’t move now,
I can only wave my arms in the air…

To those who can’t differentiate from soy sauce, prawn sauce and coke (?),
it’s okay,
as long as I have my very cute girlfriends (referring to ELF),
I’ve already thought of using the ‘3 corn’ fist move** to handle you people.

I’ve reached the age suitable for marriage,
but these are those around me….

Bear Mithra,
Yuro (Smooth road?) Bong (Yunho),
Doro (Road) Bong (Donghae),
Horse (Siwon),
Beijing Fried Rice (Hankyung),
Flu Bum (Flu Kibum; because 감기 means cold/flu),


Although everyone says I won’t get married,
but I’m one who goes against everyone,
I’ll show them that I’ll successfully get married!

*Go Stop is some Korean flower card game, you can check it out here on how to play it!
** This ‘3 corn’ fist move thing… has been said to be able to break 3 cobs of corn.

Translated by: ilovejr
Credits: OnlyHeechul+kim421@soompi

Ahhhh, Heechul XDDD CHOO ARE SO FUNNY~! ♥♥♥ You are probably the only person that is stuck in bed all day and STILL can be so hilarious ^^~ It’s nice to know that others are visiting you, although I feel bad for them to have to endure your ill-humor 🐱 The comment about him only surrounded by boys crack me up XDDDD Well, what do you want, Heechul? To be surrounded by girls everyday???? Sorry to tell you, but none can or will survive the warth of ELFs if they find out XD

It’s so cute to hear him talk about “So Hot”. Seems like he’ll have another dance ready to show his fans when he becomes active again XDDDD w00t! I can’t wait ^^~ And regarding marriage, maybe this is not the best time for him to get married, if I may say so. He’s in the prime of his acting/singing/modeling/dancing career, and many people marry in their 30’s, so Heenim really doesn’t need to worry about that XDD Trust me Heechul Oppa, you’ll have plenty, PLENTY of people to choose from when the time comes, there’s no shortage of fans that will absolutely do ANYTHING to even go on a date with choo =^o^=

but I’m one who goes against everyone,
I’ll show them that I’ll successfully get married!

And lol, always the rebellious Heechul ❤ We love you, Oppa ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



  1. KiTz said

    It bothers me whenever Heechul vents about getting married.. i hope he knows that it’s always worth the wait.. though it tarries.. wait… the wisdom in waiting is building great friendship with the people around him or maybe getting in touch with those he lost contact with… and simply enjoy this time with much anticipation that one of these days She will arrive. I am sure he will meet his princess soon… and she will be more than what he is asking for… as he is being prepared, as his character is being built… his patience will be rewarded. Meanwhile, may he enjoy this waiting period with his friends and family.. and us.. his girlfriends… who, even if he gets married, have kids and grow old will remain faithful in supporting him and the rest of suju. Much love Heechul… Youre strong!

  2. lovemelodies said

    @ KiTz

    xDDDDDD Heechul getting married, he has a LOT of people to choose from. And I can’t wait to see who he end up with, that girl is very very very lucky. and yes, us, his girlfriends will be with him FOREVER! ❤
    Saranghaeyo Heenim Oppa!!!

  3. Un-Ha said

    Don’t get married yet!

    … haha. (:

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