080626 SHINee M!Countdown Performance, Shim Shim Tapa Appearance, ELLE Girl Photoshoot


Hey~ Guess who else was at M!Countdown today? None other than our dear SHINee ^^~

In my opinion, this is one of their more “normal” attires for a performance XDDD I mean, not that their other outfits are not normal, they are just rather….flashy XDDD as they should be, but once in a while, SHINee should be allowed to dress like teens (like this performance) <3oh, and nice PINK pants, Jonghyun XDDD They looks so GORGEOUS with skinny pants, *DROOLING* ♥♥♥~

**Shinee 샤이니 080626 M! CountDown Performance**

Shinee 샤이니 [ELLE Girl] shooting Update~

♥~  MinHo Version
♥~  Key Version
♥~  Taemin Version
♥~  Onew Version
♥~  JongHyun Version
and finally… SHINee Interview ELLE Magazine Photo Shoot


Video Links~
♥~  080625 Shim Shim Tapa Jonghyun solo – So Sick

♥~  080625 Shim Shim Tapa Onew Solo – Forevermore

♥~  080625 Shim Shim Tapa In My Room

Ahhhh…..AMAZING singing @_____@ I swear, Jonghyun could give Ryeowook a run for his money in regards to singing, Jonghyun has a great voice! I don’t say that lightly, I LOVE Wookie, but man, that boy can sing XDDD ♥♥♥♥♥ SHINee Hwaiting!!!!!~

Credit: Soompi


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