080626 M!Countdown- SJ-H~ ♥

Super Junior Happy on M!Countdown today!!!! 🐱


What a cute performance, once again <333 Kangin got a haircut it seems, it makes him look younger ^^~ and if you look closely at Eunhyuk’s backpack, you can see he has a blue balloon XDDD How cute, their own fanclub’s color <33333 and Teukie, did you SEE something wonderful? xDDD

Performance Links~
♥~ 080626 M!Countdown- SJ Happy – Cooking?Cooking

♥~ 080626 Mnet Countdown Heroes EH,ET,SD perf

♥~  080626 M!Countdown Ranking – Super Junior Happy – I’m really not sure why it’s called SJ-H rankings, because they didn’t talk anything about rankings, just adorable boys making a fool of themselves XDDD omg, please please please go watch, it’s soooo funny XDDDDDD ahh, so cute >< they were acting out other people and other scenes XDD Sungmin dancing is oooo cute ^^~ and when it was Yesung’s turn later on, he forgot how to do his character and just went o__o for a few seconds XDDDDDD

Pictures (Fan-taken)~

Credit: x_freya_x @ Soompi


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  1. love sungmin said

    omg..love thier peformance..sungmin so cuteeee!!!!!!! eunhyuk too…

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