080625 Onew + Minho Iple Update and Fanart~

ONEW’S IPLE ENTRY 2008 06 25

[From.ONEW] 오늘이 벌써 한 달…
[From Onew] today’s already a month…

안녕하세요! SHINee의 리더 온유입니다.^^
Hello I’m SHINee’s leader, Onew ^^

2008년 5월 25일 첫 방송 무대에 선 것이 바로 어제처럼 생생한데,
여러분과 함께 한 시간이 벌써 한 달 이나 지났습니다.

2008 May 25th was our first performance and it still feels like it was yesterday.
It’s been a month already since we started to share moments with you.

정말 감사합니다. 행복합니다.
Thank you so much. It makes me so happy.


여러분과 함께 하는 시간 속에서,
최선을 다해 열심히 노력하는 모습 보여드리는 SHINee가 되겠습니다.

Within the moments we spent with you,
we’ll always work hard to show you a better SHINee every time.

저 리더 온유도 멤버들과 함께 파이팅 하면서 활동할 테니까,
계속 지켜봐 주시고 응원해 주세요.~

I, the leader Onew, with ther other members and with you will shout a big “Fighting”
So please, keep supporting us ~

-온유 올림-
-Onew Wrote-

Credits: Kandiox@Soompi <333

Happy one month anniversary, SHINee ^^~ These boys have just done soooo well, fitting into the k-pop family like they’ve always been there, while bringing their own individual personalities and shine into the mix as well ^^ Good luck to SHINee for the rest of 2008 and beyond, give everything your best, and have fun 🐱 SHINee hwaiting!!!!!

Title: Hello~ I am SHINee’s Flaming Charisma, Minho.
Date: 2008-06-24 1:25:00AM

Hello~ I am SHINee’s Flaming Charisma, Minho.


From. SHINee.

I want to say something to those who supported us

Through my eyes, I would like to tell everyone the things in my heart

Thank you.

Credits: SHINee iple
Translations Credits:
Korean to English: amy.kim@RFTS
Editted by: usagi_lpy@S-SG

Cute and Sweet, to the point, adorable Minho =^o^=


Omg, so I was browsing through Soompi’s SHINee thread, and I found these AMAZING fanarts of SHINee <3333333 they are sooo well done @__@ please do check them out ^^~

And because this one’s so amazing, it deserves to be posted in its full awesomeness XDDD

Chibis of the SHINee boys <33333 Kawaii~~ ♥♥♥♥

And another adorable chibi picture, this time a group picture of SHINee 🐱

All pictures credited to: Soompi, as tagged, original owners/creators 

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