[Pictures] SuJu- Sunkist CF~ (with SNSD)



Hiiii gorgeous!!! <3333

For a ZIP file of all of the pictures below, click HERE ^^ Enjoy~


Individuals w/ Backgrounds~


Group Shots~

Credit : BLG+rose_allrise+suju-chu +nemo_koy@soompi

What can I say? YOU ALL ARE SO GORGEOUS!!!! ~ Why do the boys have to look so HOT? I’m falling in love with them all over again! and the Caricatures. ROFL it fits them PERFECTlY! Wookie’s perfect smile, Siwonnie’s smile/smirk, and Eunhyuk’s pose reflected so much of their CUTE personality. The SNSD girls looks great with the SJ boys, they’re very lucky, no? ><” Against the purest blue sky and the GORGEOUS smiles of our boys, how COULD those SUKISTS sales NOT explode? XDDDD 😀 ~



  1. God is good cause He create the charming Super Junior.
    Thanks to you God~~~
    Love SuJu alwayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. hyukieRABUrabu said

    omigosh, they’re all so cute and adorable!
    the boys made me dying to buy the product.. GYAAA! X)

    btw, what happened to eunhyuk’s right hand? has something wrong happened to him?

  3. lovemelodies said

    O.o Oh wow, I didn’t even realize…I’m really not sure, but I wonder what the bandage’s doing there then ><”’ I hope monkey isn’t hurt……

  4. where is heechul?

  5. mrs.lee dong hae said

    you are so gorgeous!!!!!

  6. […] [via SNSDKorean and Sapphirebluelove] […]

  7. snsd individual ??

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