SJ-M (CCTV Star Show Interview 2008.06.20)


Credit: Soompi + as tagged

SO NICE TO SEE YOU BACK, SJ-M!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I know it’s only been like what? a week and a half? but it feels like FOREVER since we’ve seen SJ-M ><”’ Hopefully management will start letting them go on more shows now, they were temporary delayed because of the earthquake. Oh, and please please please go tell khyy127 you love her ❤ XD This video was uploaded, I think yesterday, and by today, she has subs up O__O THANK YOU!!! (although me and Wendi don’t need them since we know how to speak and understand Chinese XD) It’s so nice of her to take so much time to sub them for non-chinese fans. thanks again, xie xie ni ^^ XDDDD

FYI, Kyuhyun was absent from this interview because his grandmother passed away and he’s back in Korea right now. Please offer him your love and support during this difficult time for him and his family. Kyuhyun hwaiting~

YOUTUBE LINKS: 080620 CCTV StarShow SJ-M Interview

PART 1:080620 CCTV StarShow SJ-M Interview P1/5 (Eng Subs)
PART 2:080620 CCTV StarShow SJ-M Interview P2/5 (Eng Subs)
PART 3:080620 CCTV StarShow SJ-M Interview P3/5 (Eng Subs)
PART 4:080620 CCTV StarShow SJ-M Interview P4/5 (Eng Subs)
PART 5:080620 CCTV StarShow SJ-M Interview P5/5 (Eng Subs)
Credit: khyy127 @ YouTube

Thumbs (Preview)~

Credit: Soompi+as tagged

For more pictures, I’ve uploaded a ZIP file of 37 pictures from this interview ^^~


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