080623 Leeteuk+Shindong Cyworld Updates~

Leeteuk’s Cyworld
2008.06.22 (2008.06.23 01:34)

Thank you^^ your being by my side gives me strength…you know it right??….

But even if out of 10 people even just 1 was by my side I’d be a truly happy person

..^^I’m such a happy person!!! Thank you….^^

Original Source. 박정수
Translated by. gaia

I’m a bit confused about what’s this referring to, fans’ support maybe? oh well, it doesn’t really matter, Teukkie’s just so adorable ❤ Saranghaeyo, Teukkie Oppa 🐱

Shindong’s Cyworld – cellphone vanity…ㅎㅎㅎ
2008.06.23 01:50


It’s just….pictures taken because I was bored alone…ㅎㅎ
Original Source. 신동희
Translated by. gaia

Oh Shindong…. you are so adorable <333 XDDDD between that hair and that outfit and that face….>w< soooo cute!! 😀

Shindong’s Cyworld – Lotte World with Jihoonie!! 2008.06.23 01:54


Original Source. 신동희
Translated by. gaia

He looks soooo familiar but I don’t know where he’s from >< Anyone out there want to enlighten me? XD Oh, and nice sun-glasses Shindong 😀 ♥♥♥


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