080622 SHINee At Cyworld Digital Music Awards


Credit: Soompi + as tagged

Congratulations to SHINee on their “Rookie of the Month” award!!! This must have been a great celebration for the boys as they have reached one month anniversary since debut. They’ve all improved SO MUCH, day by day, performance by performance. May the rest of the year bring them much joy and success and happiness. SHINee Hwaiting!!!! ♥ Taemin ♥ Key ♥ Onew ♥ Jonghyun ♥ Minho

(Why do I sound so formal? XDD Wendii, please add some spazzing in so it doesn’t sound so… awkward XDDD)


080622 Cyworld DMA Noona You’re So Pretty– Group Cam
080622 Cyworld DMA In My Room– Group Cam
080622 Cyworld DMA Key Raps– Omg, he’s sooo adorable =^o^= please go watch, just 30 seconds of pure awesome-ness XDDD

a ZIP file of 36 pictures here

Credit: Soompi+as tagged



  1. Fighting SHINee!!!
    I will always love and support you!!

  2. Maiko_chan said

    Wah, congrat for shinee!!
    but, when i wanna download zip pic, i can’t DL it. can u fix it??

  3. lovemelodies said

    Thank you very much for telling us about that ^^ the link has been fixed. Thanks for visiting us ❤ SHINee hwaiting 😀

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