080622 Heechul Cyworld Update~ (ROFL)

YAYS! Heenim’s back!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.22 19:44


Title: 미 쓰 김 (Mith Kim = Mithra + Kim Heechul)

Epik High’s Mithra Jin explained his ‘rumours’ with Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. Epik High was recently on SBS’s “The Star Show” which will be broadcasted on the 23rd. Mithra Jin further explained that his ‘rumours’ with Heechul were fake, and that they were only friends.

Mithra Jin said, “I would go along like how lovers would and go for a spin with Heechul” and, “Although I’ve hung out with Heechul more than I would with my girlfriend, but I’m certain that we’re not dating, we’re just friends”.

Bear Mithra, don’t explain these things
The more you explain, the more strange it becomes (-┏)

Perhaps E.L.F and those in High School
will get affected by this incident

Our Mith Kim are not dating
Although we meet in the middle of the night, to eat together, to drink beer…

It’s friendship

Certainly not love

When we meet, we never touch each other
To the extent that even if we fall down, we won’t help each other up
Looking at it, conversely, it seems like Mith Kim’s relationship is not too good

Ah really…
Why am I explaining? (-┏)

*Ah That’s right.. I’m not dating Yunho either (-┏)

Kibum, Hankyung, Siwon, Jay etc…
I’m not dating them too (-┏)

I’m dating all the fans

Ah.. I can pretend that I am (?) ㅋㅋ

Credit: Translated by eastseafish @ Soompi (thank you sooooo much!!!!)
Credit: OnlyHeechul

“*Ah That’s right.. I’m not dating Yunho either (-┏)

Kibum, Hankyung, Siwon, Jay etc…
I’m not dating them too (-┏)”

etc??? are there MORE? XDDDD rofl, that was my favorite part, Heechul trying to settle the rumors 😀

“Perhaps E.L.F and those in High School
will get affected by this incident”

Perhaps? XDDD Heenim, you have no idea XDDD

you can almost feel how frustrated he is in the post, he’s just like “>.> fans, stop, I am not dating anyone” and Heenim……-_-, you don’t need to PRETEND you are dating your fans, there’s so many out there that WANT/WILL DO ANYTHING to date you!!!!!! (me included) XDDDDDD Just let it be known that you are looking for a girlfriend, and your door bell will NOT STOP RINGING for at least a month or so, trust me =^^=



  1. sujulover92 said

    ahh. i love heenim… :]

  2. lovemelodies said

    @ sujulover92

    Ahh. me too! Heenim is just so great! <333 Saranghae heenim oppa

  3. hana said

    hahaha well…. you asked him to say he’s looking for a girlfriend… hehehe… well.. it just so happened that his next post was that he really really wants to get married… hahaha but vents that all he has near him are guys… and enumarates (using their nicknames) kibum, hangeng, mithra, donghae,…. and others hahaha… its so cute and funny…. haha

  4. KandieObsession said

    Me I Wouldnt Do Anything To Date HeeChul Because,.. If He Is Not InTerested He’s Not Intereseted,.. And Heechul Its Oay If You “gay” Love Is Love Not Gender And If People Think Thas True The Your A Homophob And I Dont Like Those Kindof people,…Not Like Anyone Care,… Oh And By The Way… If You read This At All Heechul Tell HanGeng I Said Hello,.. And Im Gunna Some How be a korean singer…When Im Not Asian And Im Also In Canada…

  5. cathey said

    U are just U, that’s all enough! We love U cause that reason it’s U, so U don’t need to explain like this anymore. It’s just a rascal, umh…What am I saying, I don’t know, but it’s wat I want to say, uhmm…….
    Ah, Do U like other number beside 4, such as 13? I like 13, wat about U?
    Oh, I knew that U can’t answer this ques but I still ask…uhm

  6. rindi said

    I do care bout u
    when ur cute long hair set up,
    when u kissing someone,
    when u’re in ur good or bad looks,
    then if u gay or not
    I don’t care of it..
    Coz I do care to only love u
    not to be force u
    so if u loving someone else..
    I’ll don’t.

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