080616 Taemin Iple Post + 080615 Cool FM Maybee Radio Links

I apologize for the lateness with some of these updates ^^; I’ve recently found a job (YEAH!! XD) and time has not been as easy to find as before, and both me and Wendi’s schedules this week are a bit full with stupid summer school classes >.> But anyhow, thank you for your patience and support ♥♥♥♥♥♥

[From. Tae Min] Hello I am SHINee’s magnae Taemin~!!~^^;;; // 2008-06-16 AM 1:47:00


안녕하세요 저는SHINee막둥이 태민이에요~!!~^^;;;
Hello I am SHINee’s magnae Taemin~!!~^^;;;

요즘은 너무 시간이 빨리 지나가고 있는 것 같아요~!!!
Lately it feels like time is going by so fast~!!!

싸인회에서 여러분도 많이 만났고,
Meeting everyone at fan signs,

부산에 내려가서 Mcountdown 무대에도 서고,
Performing on the Mcountdown stage in Pusan,

정말 순식간에 시간이 지나간 것 같아요
It feels like only a quick moment has passed by

아 !! 그리고 어제 SBS 인기가요Take7!!!!에 드신거 아시나요!!!????^^;;;
Ah !! And did you know yesterday we rose up to SBS INKIGAYO’s Take 7!!!????^^;;;

다 여러분 덕분이에요!!!
We owe it all to you!!!
정말 정말 너무 감사드려요!!!
Thank you so very much!!!

항상 여러분 사랑을 너무 많이 받고 있어서 기분이 너무 좋아요~
I’m so happy to be able to always recieve so much love from everyone~

이번 새로운 한 주도 좋은일만 많이 있으셨으면 좋겠어요~!!
I hope there will only by good happenings from now on~!!

저 막둥이 태민이는 졸려서 자러 가보겠습니다.~~!!
Magnae Taemin is sleepy so I’m going to sleep.~~!!

다들 얼른 주무시고요~ 그럼 지금까지 SHINee막둥이 태민이였습니다^^
Everyone please go to sleep~ This has been SHINee’s magnae Taemin^^

Credit: ~neh~long~@soompi

Oh, dawww <333 Cuteness on so many levels 😀 Starting with the picture, Taemin looks so adorable ♥♥♥ Then such an endearing post XD Congrats on getting 7th Inkigayo, it’s a huge accomplishment for such a new and young group, keep up the wonderful work, SHINee hwaiting! ~ (lmao, matching t-shirt/text colors for the win 😀 /dork XD)


Credit: achelhouston@soompi


There was nothing much because they only talked about their group name and also the so-called “aegi team” before they were known as SHINee.. XD And they also talked about their noona fans.. smile.gif
I think Jonghyun said there are some fans who are actually noonas to them but call them “Oppa~” instead of “dongsaeng”.. lol!
They also mentioned So Nyeo Shi Dae..

The fun started from here…

– In the beginning, Taemin talked about Minho a little.. His charismatic flame vibe.. lol! And the eyes.. TAEHO here..

– At 3:00, they started to talk about how Jonghyun cries a lot..

– At 4:10, Onew said something which made the crow came out.. Key said “BO YA~”.. Either he was scolding the crow for coming out (ONKEY… ) or he was scolding Onew for being lame.. But I took it as the first one.. And exactly @ 4:19, Taemin’s laugh is SO SO CUTE when Onew just responded “That’s my style…” Probably because he is known for his lame comments that Key has to take over all the time.. XD

– Right after that, Maybee asked Jonghyun something about crying over something.. I didn’t catch the words but it’s something that has to do with crying.. Jonghyun didn’t even get to answer when Onew interrupted that in that particular case, he is the one who cries a lot.. Jonghyun just stared before he went “BO YA~” at him.. This is when the whole argument started.. XD Onew, not satisfied, told him to get out playfully.. His “NA GA” is so cute! Jonghyun & Key laughed like mad.. lol!

– At 5:30, the talk about Onew & Key being the father & mother of the group started.. I didn’t catch some parts but I also understood same..

– 6:49, LEADER+MAGNAE MOMENT! Look at them staring at each other! But just seconds after that, Onew’s smile was wiped off his face immediately when Maybee said something to him.. XD

– I think @ 7:31, Onew told how Key always cooks for Taemin when he wakes up early to go school.. Then they all referred to Key as their mother.. Onew’s gesture is so cute!

– Key said something then I think Maybee asked him what food he cooks.. Onew interrupted again when he said “scrambled egg” before Key could say anything.. XD Another ONKEY!!

– Near the end of the vid, Maybee mentioned CSJH The Grace to Minho.. I don’t really know why but I just caught her mentioning their name.. Just seconds after that the crow came out again because Minho said something lame.. Jonghyun was the first one to react and yelled “NA GA!” to Minho.. And then Onew & Key followed.. Even Maybee followed them yelling.. lmao! I only heard Taemin’s laugh so I think he was just laughing? XD

– Onew stuttered in the beginning.. XD His tongue reaction was adorable and Key went “BO YA~” again.. ONKEY~~

– Onew said if he could go back in time, he would want to go back to middle/high school (he should be in college now, right?) because during those times, he had already loved singing and his friends had always told him to become a celebrity but he saying he didn’t want to.. How sweet~

– 1:20!!!! The cutest Onew part ever! From what I hear, he mentioned his parents then I think he wanted to cry but covered it by covering his face and made this cute sound before he laughed, making it look like he just pretended to cry.. Aww Onew~~~

– 1:56, Onew said “NA GA!” again.. But I’m not sure the reason for it this time..

– They performed In My Room

– MINKEY came into the scene when Key poured Minho’s water into his cup and drank it..

– Then, TAEHYUN made it way into the scene too when Jonghyun asked Taemin for water and he gave a cup of water to him..

– Lastly, Jonghyun nailed it with his solo!


Lots more ONKEY MOMENTS here!! ONKEY rivalling each other in this part of the video was hilarious!

– 1:40, they read a message/request from a Key fan from his hometown Daegu.. Key’s laugh is so cute after hearing the message/request! crazy.gif Then either Onew or Taemin asked who sent the message..

– 2:02, Taemin so adorable! He talked about leader then he mentioned the word leader twice.. He respects their leader a lot! But leader just had to say “Oh, don’t do this”, causing Jonghyun & Key to “BO YA~” at him.. XD Onew’s expression on that is priceless!! lol!

– Right after that, I dunno what Key talked about but he was saying about someone.. When asked who, Key just had to start the argument again and said “It’s now Onew sshi.. It’s not leader..” The Onew told to “NA GA!”

– When Key was preparing to do his spongebob imitation, Jonghyun teased him and told them to look at his lips during the imitation.. Key flushed and ended up he imitated spongebob covering the side of his face! XD Hmm.. This one probably HYUNKEY?

– When Onew was asked to do the imitation, he said this, “Onew sshi is leaving now~” That totally made me laughed..

– Maybee asked Onew something about Key’s sound imitation but she didn’t ask him clearly.. She just asked.. So…. he acted by asking the question to himself! If you get what I mean.. XD He went “Onew sshi, what do you think of this?” and then he paused before he said, “Yes! Erm..” This caused Jonghyun & Maybee to go “BO YA~” at him again.. lol!

– Onew said he’s jealous of Key!! Still an ONKEY moment! I’m not sure what he’s jealous of but probably it has something to do with the imitation…?

– I dunno why but at 4:55, the whole Onew & Key cooking thingy came up again because of Taemin..

– Taemin called Key omma!! TAEKEY?? Taemin’s reaction by just blinking is adorable! Maybee unnie asked what he wanted to say to Key.. He thought for a moment before he said 2 things.. The first one was “Please cook for me~”.. The 2nd one I didn’t really get what it means but it something like he wants to eat or something..

– From 5:20, I think the rivalling between Onew & Key started there.. It’s all about cooking if I understood correctly.. Taemin interrupted in the middle saying that Onew also cooks for him meat in the morning.. Key remarked saying that eating meat in the morning is unhealthy or will make you fat or something like that.. I don’t really know.. But he really sounds like a mother there.. XD Even the other members said so..

– 7:28, Jonghyun teased Key again! But I dunno what he said.. It sounded like “fan” but I’m not sure..
– The last part was when they talked about TAEHO eat a lot!

PART 5 was just the goodbye part..

– Their “BO YA~” were all done in the same tone which was hella cute!! Jonghyun started it and everyone followed.. XD Even Maybee.. lol! She uses the same tone too.. lol! Unfortunately, Taemin & Minho didn’t say it..

– Lead vocalists Jonghyun & Onew had their random singing moment during the show.. At one point, Jonghyun sang his line in Noona Is So Pretty out of the blue.. Then some time later, Onew sang something which was really funny.. He sang just the word “Omma~” because Taemin was talking about that.. lmao!

Credit: CMJ@soompi

Sounds like a great radio interview <3333 all of those “pairing” moments are soooo cute 😀 I hope they come out with a subbed version soon ^^~ They did an amazing job performing “In My Room”. How can all of their lives be sooooo perfect? XDDDD


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