Super Junior Mini-me’s Update~

Second batch is up!!~
Photobucket PhotobucketHint- Attack of the Pin-Up Boys + THE HAIR<3
Photobucket PhotobucketHint- Attack of the Pin-Up Boys +PINK PINK MORE PINK<3
Photobucket PhotobucketHint- Well-known for his awesome singing voice + Magnae XDD
Photobucket PhotobucketHint- Attack of the Pin-Up Boys + SMILE “say cheese”<3
Photobucket PhotobucketHint- Ballet+ martial art, anyone? white-ish hair in Don’t Don 😀
Photobucket PhotobucketHint- The king of dancing and being a dork….I’m LONG~XDDD
Photobucket PhotobucketHint- Oh wow, what’s that thing flying over his head, Do I even need to say? -_-

w00t XD I’ve been waiting FOREVER for these, all of these are soooooo adorable <3333 In my opinion, a few of these are very hard to guess XD So, who they are, from top down~

~Wookie– lmao, from Attack of the Pin-up Boys, that hairstyle and “magic” that he was learning was automatic giveaway XDDD <33333

~Sungmin– another one from their movie XDD the popular guy that can make all girls swoon, Sungmin!! and Pink pink pink! XD he looks soooo girly, it’s a little sad >.> <333

~Kyuhyun– Singer 😀 this one was a bit confusing, I thought only Hangeng was known for his pelvic thrusts during Don’t Don, but looking back, Kyuhyun did a great job with that too ;P hehehehehe

~Kibum– This one from Attack of the Pin-up Boys perspective, it’s kind of obvious with the laptop and glasses. Oh, and if you look carefully, right when he smiles at the end, a heart pops out <333333 Kibummie with his KILLER SMILE + CUTENESSXDD

~Hangeng– XD the ballet dancing was a great indication at the beginning XDChinese Martial Art xDDDD W00T the fire! He probably can take anybody down, go Hannie! And the smile at the end with MANY hearts is so cute!

~Eunhyuk– Ah, hyukkie, with his born-to-dance skills <333 they should have made it so that someone from the back pulls down his pants, like in EHB =^^= I love you, Eunhyuk XDDD <333

~Donghae– Oh, a dead giveaway with the fishie FLYING up at the end ^^~ and also his amazing dance skills as well 😀 and the cuteness is just AWWWWWW!!!!


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  1. Maria said

    finally found some of super junior !! yay

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