[Photos]SHINee on Mnet, New Promotional Pictures, Coffee Cup~


080617 Mnet official SHINee pics

I love official pictures, they are always so HQ and….pretty XDDD Oh, and it seems like they’ve just had a performance on Mnet MCountdown~ What an amazing stage, so large and perfect for these amazing boys to perform in <33333 LOL at the “Mr. T” on Taemin’s shirt, magnae’s so adorable 😀

080619 Mnet MCountdown Shinee – Nuna is Pretty [ Replay ]


SHINee Cups?? I WANT!!! XDDD I wonder where you can get them, I hope it’s not fanmade, and they mass produce them <33333 Kawaii 😀

Moar official promotional pictures ^^~ I love Taemin’s signature the best ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Almighty Key looks so hawt 🐱 Enjoy!! ~~~

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Credit: Soompi



  1. Just one words for SHINee,,,,,

  2. PinkeylovesYB said

    I want a shinee cup Onew is soo cute gosh!!!!

  3. Gillian said

    Oh wow, where did you get the photo of the cups? 😛 I want one too!

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