SHINee- (Almighty Key Iple Update, Sukira 2008.06.06 Subbed, Photos~)

Omg….so many SHINee updates XDDD I’m definitely not complaining, it’s amazing to see such a young and talented group generate so much interest and fans XD the soompi thread is growing like crazy, almost as much as the Suju Only13 thread (in terms of day-to-day new posts) @___@ SHINee Hwaiting! ~

[08.06.16] Iple Update- Key

Hello, this is SHINee’s Almighty ‘Key’, Key.

The weather’s getting warmer bit by bit ‘ ?‘*

Summer’s here. Everyone! Haha.

I may dislike hot stuff but… summer sure is great. ♥

You all have summer plans, right~?

Key-gun plans to work hard for their activities ^-^
(T/N: ‘-gun’ is something like ‘kun’ in Japanese, a honorific attached at the end of names for boys. He’s talking about himself in 3rd person XDD )

This time, the picture is one taken with the lovable TaeMinnie.


Breakfast is as delicious as ever, huh~?

Everyone~ this summer, let’s listen to the refreshing song ‘Real’ with Key-gun… ♡
Credit: Soompi
Original Source: Almighty Key’s Iple

Kyaaaa, this Iple post is sooo amazingly adorable, AND WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT PICTURE OF TAEMIN???? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I want to be that teddy bear he’s holding, lucky bear xDDD and lmao, KeyMin pairing anyone? XDDDD

YOUTUBE links: SHINee guesting on Sukira 2008.06.06 [ENG SUBBED]
Part 1- 060608 Sukira – SHINee as guests part1 [eng subbed]
Part 2- 060608 Sukira – SHINee as guests part2 [eng subbed]
Part 3- 060608 Sukira – SHINee as guests part3 [eng subbed]
Part 4- 060608 Sukira – SHINee as guests part4 [eng subbed]
Credit:DBJuniorProductions @ YouTube

New Pictures ❤

Credit: Soompi



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