SHINee + SG Wannabe Cries

SHINee + SG Wannabe Cries 😦

MC Mong’s radio show went from happy hour to sappy hour as both SG Wannabe and SHINee broke down and cried this week.

SG Wannabe shared their ups and downs after recruiting Lee Suk Hoon into the group to replace their leader, Chae Dong Ha, who left. When MC Mong asked Lee about any hardships upon entering, Lee talked about how it was burdensome for him to join such a popular group. He tried to go on, but he broke down in tears.

Kim Jin Ho stated, “Regardless of his hardships, we’re thankful because Lee never complained about anything.” Kim Yong Joon added that he saw Lee crying after their first concert together, but that he didn’t say anything for the fear that they would all get too emotional. The interview showed the members’ true sides and gained praise from fans for being so honest throughout the interview.

Following the cry-leader Lee Suk Hoon on another airing was Jong Hyun of SHINee.

After a marathon of fun by having each member display their special talents as well as interview questions (What is your ideal girl?, How would you cheer up a sad nuna?, etc.), the show ended with Jong Hyun breaking down. The reason for his tears: he misses his mommy.

MC Mong suggested that all the SHINee members take the time to speak a few words to their parents. Their messages were all similar, giving thanks for supporting them with their decisions on becoming singers. MC Mong tried comforting them by telling them that being a celebrity has it’s consequences. They received sympathy from listeners as well.
Credit: ch0sshi @ ALLKPOP
This is so touching! It’s so sweet when Jonghyun said that he missed his mom. It’s not that easy to succeed in the Entertainment Industry, let along when you first started. They’re doing a great job currently, please keep it up! Their honesty is able to reach out to more fans, and their tears just showed us how much they really cared. So shall we continue to shower them with MORE and MORE LOVES.
SHINee + SG Wannabe HWAITING!!!!


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