Ryeowook Fancafe and Leeteuk Iple Update

Ryeowook on his fancafe~

It’s Classic

08.06.10 05:21

“That’s Cheesy…
Ok, I guess I’ll just say it’s classic.”

Is it because our love for each other is becoming greater.. It’s so childish but (is) that why it’s touching my heart more ,,

There are things I’m trying to change, and many new things that I’m learning to accept..
Although I can move a little slower..
..It feels like each day is changing differently, this movie must have touched my heart more..

By the time the movie was ending,,
Fading away with the thought that reality isn’t like this ..

Let’s take it slowly .. today ^^

From a guy who really likes the phrase “It’s classic” –

t/l note: What Ryeowook is referencing is a Korean movie called ‘The Classic’ which was released in 2003 (written and directed by the same man who did ‘My Sassy Girl’). The first line that Ryeowook put in quotations is a famous quote from the beginning of the movie.

Original Source: 〃 Fill me in RyeoWook ♥ 〃fancafe + sides@soompi

HI WOOKIE!!!!!=^-^= it’s so nice to hear from you 😀 I’ve never seen the move “The Classic” so I can’t say anything in regards about that, but it’s just so great to see something new about him ^^~ Oh oh oh, did you guys know? Kyuhyun and Ryeowook sang the background vocals for SJ-H’s Yoriwang (Cooking!) and Good Luck! THAT’S why it sounded so amazing ^^”

Credit: carolynx@soompi

Leeteuk’s Iple Update

[From.~엔젤특~] It’s late to greet you right?^^…

Written on 2008.06.14 at 11:45 PM

Hellooo^^ ao it’s a bit late to greet you right?…^^;;;

Our E.L.F who waved pearl sapphire blue balloons at Dream Concert..!!!!

Totally moved!!!!!!!!!!!I only have you!!!!!!!!!!^^

Also Super Junior Happy!!!!!!How is it???^^Isn’t it good???ㅋㅋㅋ

This Summer’s best song trend!!!!!!!!Yoriwang!!!!!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Since we’ll be working hard on our activities please give us a lot of support!!!

Anyway saying once again that we’re one…

Those who kept the promise, I love you~~~~~~~^^쪽*~~~~

PS. how was our ‘yoriwang’ stage from earlier? ^^~~~~
* Kissing sound
Original Source. supi’s iple (Leader)
Translated by. 13!La’MISS:fairy

Dawww….Teukkie was on SJ-H’s Iple with this update ❤ Supi (SJ-H, why do they call them Supi? ) performed at 2008 Peace Queen Cup today XDDD Lmao, performing on a soccer field is very…interesting, but they all look so cute XD hehehe, I wonder how many people (fans) are there just to see them and don’t even care the game XDDDDDDD

Super Junior Happy’s Half An Hour Super Show

Super Junior Happy’s Lee Teuk, Ye Sung, Kang In, Shin Dong, Sung Min and Eun Hyuk attended “The 2008 Peace Queen Cup International Female Soccer Conference” for South Korea and New Zealand today at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

Super Junior Happy made an opening performance for almost half an hour where they sang all the songs from their mini album and some funny scenes conducted by Kang In. Lee Teuk made a solo performance of a song called “Sweetness with Fortune” and told the audience that they are free to sing along with him.
Original Input Source: osen.co.kr 2008-06-14 KST 18:45
English Translation: ELF Philippines-AF

~[Youtube]080614 Peace Queen Cup Super Junior H – Sunny (Kangin Fancam)
~[Youtube]080614 Peace Queen Cup Super Junior H – Cooking Dance Fancam

Credit: 13miracles@soompi

And just for pure cuteness/adorableness <333

Credit: sj-market

I feel kind of dumb, I never realized that Eunhyuk wears a backpack everytime they perform o.O ^^” he looks so…young, almost like a school child ^^~


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