SHINee Minho’s Iple Update 2008.06.11

[From. Min Ho] 안녕하세요~ SHINee의 불꽃카리스마 민호입니다! //

( Hello~ I am SHINee’s flaming charisma Minho!?)

2008-06-11 오전(A.M.) 1:48:00

안녕하세요~ SHINee의 불꽃카리스마 민호입니다!
Hello~ I am SHINee’s flaming charisma Minho!
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팬보드에 글을 올릴 때 정말 빠른 빛의 속도로
When you reply on the fan board with lightening speed

방금 올린 제 글이 어디로 사라져버렸는지 모르게 만드는 여러분은
and make the entry I just posted disappear,*

정말 ‘SHINee’를 빛나게 해 주시는 멋진 매력을 가지고 계십니다.
you really do have a cool charm that makes SHINee sparkle.

너무나 감사드립니다.
Thank you so very much.

많은 새로운 경험을 하면서 지내는 요즘입니다.
Lately, I have been experiencing many new things.

여러분의 사랑에 매일매일 행복한 마음으로 열심히 하기 위해
Each and every day I work hard while happily taking in everyone’s love,

노력하는 민호의 모습 계속적으로 응원해 주실꺼죠?
Everyone will keep cheering for the Minho who is working hard, right?

모든 글에 리플을 달 수는 없어도,
Even though I cannot reply to every fan comment,

여러분의 사랑을 가슴에 항상 소중히 담을 수 있어서 제일 행복합니다.
I am the happiest I can be because I can preciously hold everyone’s love in my heart.

*note: PFTT, i was sitting here trying to figure out what he meant for a second, I’m pretty sure Minho means there are so many fan replies to his entry that he can hardly find his own words on the page :]

Credit: ~neh~long~ (translations) @ Soompi.
Original Source: Minho’s Iple Board

Minho is just so SWEET and CHARISMATIC!! He’s very humble as well! Posted at 1:00 a.m. for us fans when he was suppose to be sleeping, how adorable! The picture of his in a suit and bow tie is just tooo cute! The boys will have a lot of performances and other events for the next few weeks, and don’t forget they still have to go to school. =^____^= they’re working so hard, so shouldn’t we the fans support AND love them MORE AND MORE?!!! <3333



  1. kalia said

    minho is so cute!!!!

  2. Lily said

    Minho oppa :] ily forever and ever

  3. Balla said

    Minho is so cute.I love u.hahahaha

  4. Fern said

    minho veryhandsome

  5. elly said

    i`m a malaysian actually..
    my sister and i knew bout you on the kbsw..
    we were never miss watching you on lets go dream team 2..
    sincerely you are a tough guy..
    so charismatic,,haha…
    k hope to hear more of you..
    gud luck always..

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