Jonghyun + ONEW’s Iple Entry

[From. Jong Hyun] Hello. I am SHINee’s BlingBling Jonghyun. //

2008-06-11 PM 9:21:00

안녕하세요. SHINee의 블링블링 종현입니다.
Hello. I am SHINee’s BlingBling Jonghyun



지난 주에 이어 이번 주 역시…즐거운 시간을 보내고 있습니다…
Last week and this week… I have been having so much fun…

So cool이에요…
It’s “So cool”…

아..라디오는 정말 하면 할수록 매력에 빠져들어요.…
Ah.. the more I do radio (appearances) the more I am sucked into it….

It’s fun… right..?

좀 전에 라디오 녹음 하고 왔는데…
We just returned from a radio recording a little while ago…


It is… just….

What should I do…?

Is the show… Saturday…?

Hyoo Hyoo….

그럼 전 여기까지 ?
Then I’ll end it here?

Credit: ~neh~long~ @ Soompi

Aww…Jonghyun, please don’t be so down, you sound really tired >< you make us noonas worry about you ^^ You and SHINee are doing such a great job promoting yourselves, stay happy and strong ~ SHINee Hwaiting!! 🐱

[From. ONEW] Hello! I am SHINee’s leader ONEW.^^ //

2008-06-11 PM 11:51:00
안녕하세요! SHINee의 리더 온유입니다.^^
Hello! I am SHINee’s leader ONEW.^^

요즘은 라디오에서 하나 하나 새로운 것을 많이 배워가고 있습니다.
Lately on the radio, I have one by one been learning many new things.


진짜 많이 떨렸는데… 멋진 DJ 두 분이 잘 이끌어 주셔서,
Even though I was really nervous…. the two cool DJs guided us well,

긴장된 마음으로 많은 것을 배울 수 있는 시간이었습니다.
So it was a time when I could anxiously learn many new things.

신동 선배님, 김신영 선배님 감사합니다~!
Shindong sunbae-nim, Kim Shin Young sunbae-nim thank you~!


요즈음은 매일 매일 행복한 기분입니다.
Lately, each and every day I have been very happy.

감사합니다. 고맙습니다.
I am very grateful. Thank you very much.*

그래서 이렇게 언제나 여러분과 함께 하는 행복함이
So the one always sharing the happiness

점점 커져만 가는 SHINee의 리더 온유입니다. ^^
as it gradually grows, I am SHINee’s leader ONEW. ^^

행복한 밤 되시고,
Have a happy night and,

저는 다시 연습실로 안무연습을 위해…
I will return to the practice room to work on my dancing…

우리 모두?열심히 해보자구요!^^?
All together? Let’s work hard!^^?

-온유 올림-
-ONEW’s post-

*(note: ONew basically said “Thank you” in two different ways. )

Credit: ~neh~long~ @ Soompi

It’s nice to see the Leader ONEW as cheerful and happy as usual ❤ he’s such a sweetie 😀 SHINee FIGHTING!!!!! =^o^=



  1. mimi said

    where do u go to get wat they post and say.. please tell me!!!!!

  2. lovemelodies said

    we go to soompi for most of their news ^^

  3. Onew looks very cute and loving.
    I like Onew cause he such a good man and SHINee will always shining in my heart.
    Love you always SHINee!!

  4. lovemelodies said

    @ JeywonSHINee

    Onew does looks so CUTE!! xDDDD SHINee is SPARKLING and WILL SHINE BRIGHTER IN THE FUTURE!!!!! Hwaiting!

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