Zhang Li Yin- Fundraising Appearance 2008.06.08


2008.06.08 Music Brings Hope; Dreams Bring Tomorrow-Zhang Li Yin Appearance

Zhang Li Yin appeared at Sunday’s fundraising event at GuangZhou for earthquake victims. She performed “I Will” and “Happiness Left Shore.” Here are some fancams of the performance.

Happiness Left Shore

I Will

There’s also been news that she’ll be going back to Korea after events in China for recording. Whether it’s a single or album, we are not sure yet 😀 I can’t wait for her to create something new, she’s SUCH a talented artist and she needs more opportunities to showcase that talent 😀

Zhang Li Yin’s schedule for June:

June 8th – Run to Beijing, Concert (Guanzhou stop) ( after this, liyin will be going back to korea to record)

june 11th – DBSK concert rehersal

june 12th – DBSk concert

june 14th – “Love China” concert in Shanghai

june 22nd – Run to Beijing Concert ( Wuhan stop)

For people who are still wondering why Zhang Li yin didn’t perform at the Shanghai concert:

the Chinese organizers require a complete list of artists that will be performing, but SM only reported DBSK, so all other guests (i.e., Liyin and the person who rapped with Yunho) were not allowed to perform. in fact, the guy who was suppose to perform with Yunho during his solo got pulled off the stage.

so, that was why Liyin went through rehearsals but didn’t get to perform. hopefully, if there is a Beijing concert, the same thing won’t happen twice.

Credit: ifensi + Soompi

Here are some more pictures from Sunday’s event. Credit to as tagged and soompi. Please do not hotlink.


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