Credit: iaudreyy @ YouTube

What can I say? THIS IS THE CUTEST MV EVER! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ It’s just toooo asdfasdfadfasfas ADORABLE! lol, the HEART~~~~
Leeteuk looks INTERESTING with THE HAIR! yes, THE HAIR. and Sungmin is just as cute as always. The part where Kangin is on the toilet and Leeteuk fell out of the bed is just ROFL. Kangin’s eyes while he’s eating the noodles is just hilarious. And teukie trying to eat that unchewable steak LMAO. All their expressions is so animated ❤ and the cartoon versions of them are just LUFFS. Eunhyuk’s like RUN!
Shindong’s eyes SERIOUSLY SPARKLED when he tasted the food, we can all see how much he enjoys a good meal. xDDD the ending with Teukie is so funny, he cracks me up ♥~

This MV features SUNNY from SNSD, I think she did a great job and she’s just as cute as the rest of the boys.

hey, Star, maybe I was right about the 4th song Sunny ROFL. I did have a feeling…
Wendii- LMAO, I had the EXACT thought when I found out Sunny was featured XDD maybe, maybe there is a secret message hidden within…. 🐱


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