SJ-H ~ 요리왕 (COOKING? COOKING!) Album Review


Just thought I’d type up a review for SuJu-H’s mini album: Cooking, Cooking ^^ All opinions are my personal opinion, it’s not in any way right or wrong XD Enjoy ^^~

Cooking? Cooking!

They certainly are living up to their name, Happy, with this first number. Very catchy and fun to listen to. My favorite part would be all of the background sounds, so cute <333 High-pitch voice Shindong is love XDD Great job for their first song, and not to mention crack-tastic lyrics XD 😀 Uber, uber, happy 😀

Pajama Party

My personal favorite song from this mini album. It’s so fun and enjoyable to listen to, but doesn’t seem as empty-headed as Cooking XDDD Great job on the starting rap, Eunhyuk, and the middle rap is very well done by Shindong ❤ The way they pronounce “pajama” makes me go SQUEEE each time XDD It appeals most to me from all of the songs in this album, and that ADORABLE photo of them sleeping on each other doesn’t hurt either <333333

You & I

A little more serious compared to the other numbers, but still so full of crack and fun XD The starting part makes me LOL every time I hear it, it sounds so…. western? XDDD the rapping in this song is my favorite part, Eunhyuk and Shindong sound like they were having such a great time recording it XD and not to mention, the lyrics are so heart-warming <333 XD


My friend pointed out to me that a member of SNSD is called Sunny. I wonder how she would react hearing the SJ-H boys sing, “Sunny…yes, I love you” and “Sunny, Sunny, Sunny, I love you, I want you….” Lmao XD Extremely catchy chorus, but I can’t help but giggle every time I hear it XD Sorry, but nothing else really grabs me other than that ^^; it’s still an amazing song 😀 (heck, it’s SJ-H we are talking about XD )

Good Luck!!

My second favorite, closely following Pajama Party 😀 It’s a bit more mellow and calm compared to the other ones. Lyrics makes me go, “dawww” XDD sooo cute ❤ It’s worth mentioning that Sungmin did an AMAZING job with the descant (high part) at the last chorus line (it sounds like Sungmin to me XD or was it Yesung? ) Exceptionally catchy, as usual. Great job SJ-H 😀

Overall Reaction
Lmao, I love how I couldn’t give any of them a rating less than 4, they are all sooo good! XD I heard from several sources that these songs sound “anime” to them, but I don’t get that feeling XD maybe it’s just because I don’t watch anime that much 😀 I love the fact that I can hear so much Sungmin in these songs, he really deserves the spotlight, especially since he always seems to get overshadowed by others. Also, he just have such a great voice in general, it’s about time for him to get the credit he deserves <333 Yesung’s voice, in my opinion, doesn’t really fit this type of songs ^^; I mean, he sounds amazing in KRY with his mellow and smooth voice, I guess I’m just not used to him singing these kind of songs XD Then again, with his wacky and fun personality, he does fit in with the group 😀 I really can’t complain, SuJu-H has definitely met and exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and happiness XD I can’t wait to see some of these songs performed live, I hope they had a great performance with Cooking? Cooking! in Dream Concert ❤ SuJu-H hwaiting! 🐱


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