Hangeng Cyworld Update


今天真的好开心,好久没有和其他成员一起同台演出了,在台上兴奋不的了,都不知道什么叫累,一下了舞台才感觉到喘不上气,感觉比我们开演唱会还要累呵呵 ~~~但是看大家来到现场真的很开心很幸福。谢谢韩国的歌迷在韩国一直默默的支持我,还有“同感“的朋友谢谢你们。我会和SJ其他成员继续努力,给你们一个完整的舞台呵呵~~~。

大家是不是也快高考完了,是不是很辛苦呀~~?希望大家能考上一个好成绩。今天是端午节,大家可以轻松一下,不用想高考的试卷,好好陪家人吃一顿团圆饭,让你们的父母也开开心心的。我这次就惨了回不去了,我的签证还没有下来,所以只能和你们在CY过了呵呵~~~!这次还害得我不能去广州,太可惜了== 。虽然我不能参加这次的活动,但还是希望能通过广州的这次慈善活动,呼吁更多的人去献出爱心帮助灾区的孩子,让他们有一个健康的心态去面对自己的未来。SJ-M这次不能全体到广州参加活动希望大家不要失望,我们还会有更多的机会再去广州看你们。


Jun 7 2008

It’s a very happy day today,
it’s been so long since i performed together on the same stage with the other members,
i was so excited on stage, i didn’t even know what exhaustion is until i left the stage and felt like i was gasping for breath,
it felt more tiring than holding our concert keke ~~~

But seeing everybody at the arena was really very happy and blissful.
Thank you korea fans in korea who have been silently supporting me, as well as those with similar sentiments thank you all.
i will work hard with the other members to give you all a perfect stage keke ~~~.

everybody is finishing their exams soon was it very tough~~? Hope everybody does well for it.
Today is 端午节 (DragonBoat Festival),
everybody can relax for a while, dont think of your exam papers and have a good reunion meal with your family,
and let your parents be happy too.

It’s dreadful this time i can’t go back (to china), my visa has not been approved, so i can only spend it with you all on CY keke ~~~! this time it caused me to not be able to go to Guangzhou, its such a pity ==.
even though i can’t attend this event, but i still hope through this charity event in Guangzhou, more people will share the love and help the disaster zone children, allowing them to have a healthy mind facing their own future.
SJ-M this time is unable to make it to Guangzhou in full, hope everyone would not be too disappointed, we still have plenty of chances to see you all in Guangzhou.

here’s wishing everybody 端午节快乐 (happy DragonBoat Festival) ~~!
and mum and dad, 端午节快乐,
in a few days time i will make it up to you two keke, and to my good friends, 端午节快乐 ~~!
you all have fun while im not around ~~ (no conscience).

ok i shall stop, everybody have a happy festival! goodnight ~~~~~~~~~~!

i love you all ! ! ! ! !

Original Source: Hangeng’s Cyworld
Translated By: iflytothesky

Credit: soompi

I’m very sad to hear he’s having trouble with his VISA again, and this time it’s with his home country >< I hope he gets it fixed soon, so he can return back to China to perform along with the other SJ-M members. I bet Mochi and Zhou Mi misses him VERY VERY MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!! xDD ❤ But since he’s not able to return back right now, he can spend time with the other SJ members and RELAX, which makes me very happy ❤ 🐱 Hannie jia you! 😀


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