Eunhyuk Cyworld Update- Dream Concert ’08

Daww….Eunhyuk XD you are so sweet <333 We shall always love and support you and Suju ❤

[HYUKJAE] Can this be??
Written on 08.06.09 at 06:24 AM

Can people make you feel so touched!!!!!!!!!

Thankful people moved to tears…
People who kept their promise with us…
Worn out, and hurt, people who still called out our names with hoarse voices…
For those who don’t care about their own situation, and don’t differentiate between front and back* and came just to see us…
People who always make us become the best on stage…
From places where they couldn’t see our form nor hear our voices
People cheering on us with voices broken by the tears…
Proud people…
Strong people…
Grateful people…
Lovely people…

How could we not love these people?

* Basically just saying “no matter what”

Original Source. 온새미로*보석미남
Translated by 13!La’MISS:fairy

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The ELFs did SuJu proud ❤



  1. Eden said

    kya ~ so cute Eunhyukie ^__^
    what’s his cyworld link?

  2. vane said

    yeah, what’s his cyworld link?

  3. Maya Saputra said

    woooowww.. eun hyuk!!! so sweeeett XD

  4. eunhyuk oppa !

    saranghaeyo !

  5. sparkling said

    eunhyuk ….
    you’re smile make my heart melt ….

    hope you always be the best and always keep your smile ….

    i’ll will always love you , oppa … ^_^

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